Florist: Florist [Album Review]

Double Double Whammy [2022]

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Sometimes you put on a record that you just know is going to be fantastic. That was the immediate vibe I had with Florist’s fourth LP as the instrumental track “June 9th Nighttime” opens the album. The track instantly builds a landscape of inclusion that wraps you in its intricacies and holds onto to you for the next 58 minutes. The album defines collaboration as Florist deliver a true band derived indie folk record. Every member contributes and you can hear each individual effort.

You need to dive into this album with all your focus as there are more instrumental compositions than songs but they rightfully set up some of the best tracks Florist has produced. Singer/songwriter Emily Sprague shines as she lives life with the group she loves in her bandmates. They come together as one on this self-titled album as every strum, every creak, every fingerpick, every slide guitar movement, and most of all – every lyric, fall into a perfect place that you as the listener will never question its sequence or arrangements. Florist have created their best album to date and it highlights that less really is more!

“Red Bird Pt 2 (Morning)” / “Sci-Fi Silence” / “Spring In Hours”

Big Thief / The Weather Station / Hand Habits

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Thomas Wilde

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