Durand Jones: Wait Til I Get Over [Album Review]

Durand Jones
Wait Til I Get Over
Dead Oceans [2023]

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Durand Jones is the lead vocalist of the modern soul band Durand Jones & The Indications, which has released three solid studio albums including their self-titled debut in 2016. Wait Til I Get Over is his debut release as a solo artist that showcases Jones’ smooth and emotive vocals, while exploring worth and belief through love, longing, odes and prayers. Most times when an artist like Jones steps away from their day job they are out to show off something completely different. It also sometimes can feel so forced because they are eager for that true separation. Wait Til I Get Over avoids all the pitfalls of stepping out solo, as its 12 tracks are a testament to Jones’ talent as he is able to get way more personal while still maintaining his commitment to preserving and expanding on the legacy of soul and R&B music.

Jones’ solo music does differ from his work with The Indications in that it allows him to explore different styles and sounds outside of the band’s established group dynamic. This time around he recorded live in the studio with all of the musicians in the room which really has the music popping out of your speakers as Wait Til I Get Over flows more freely with its inspirations from jazz, gospel, blues, and several dashes of hip-hop. Many times here his vocals sound like the great Stevie Wonder and his impressive vocal ability and passion soar regardless of the style. Standout tracks on the album include “Lord Have Mercy,” a powerful upbeat song that addresses issues of generational struggle for the people of his hometown in Hillaryville, Louisiana from Jones’ time and from that of his grandmother’s to another highlight in “That Feeling,” that is an incredibly personal track that marks the first time the singer has openly discussed his sexuality.

Whether as a solo artist or as part of Durand Jones & The Indications, Jones is definitely worth checking out. His solo debut album is a must-listen for fans of classic soul music and anyone who appreciates talented musicianship as it continues the journey for what promises to be a long and successful career for Durand Jones.

“Lord Have Mercy” / “See It Through” / “That Feeling”

Sam Cooke / Stevie Wonder / Smokey Robinson

Private Space (2021) / American Love Call (2019)

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