David Nance & Mowed Sound: David Nance & Mowed Sound [Album Review]

David Nance & Mowed Sound
David Nance & Mowed Sound
Third Man Records [2024]

Album Overview: David Nance & Mowed Sound marks the self-titled debut record of David Nance’s latest group and recording project. Led by Nance on vocals and guitar, the album features a crew of veteran Omaha musicians, including Kevin Donahue on drums, James Schroeder on guitar, Derrick Higgins and Sam Lipsett on bass, with guest appearances from Megan Siebe, Skye Junginger, and Pearl LoveJoy Boyd. The album showcases Nance’s eclectic musical tastes and influences, ranging from rock to blues to punk, with a blend of ferocity and introspection.

Musical Style: The musical style of David Nance & Mowed Sound encompasses a diverse range of influences, including rock, punk, garage rock, and blues. Nance’s signature ear catching guitar leads, melodic vocals, and hypnotic blues riffs define the sound of the album. The tracks feature dynamic arrangements, with elements of both high-energy punk blasts and introspective moments.

Evolution of Sound: Nance’s musical journey has evolved from just 8 years ago as More Than Enough (2016) captured Nance’s raw energy with blown-out guitar leads and a lo-fi sound. Following up, Negative Boogie (2017) went deeper into Nance’s musical fusion, blending punk, blues, and garage rock into a gritty and infectious mix. This album showcases his ability to push boundaries while maintaining a distinct sonic identity. In Staunch Honey (2020), Nance took a more pensive turn, exploring themes of solitude and reflection through intimate and emotive songwriting. Those progressions have all moved Nance forward to the very evened out sound you hear today.

Artists with Similar Fire: Artists who share a similar sonic approach with David Nance include Steve Gunn, Simon Joyner, Ryley Walker and Kurt Vile. On this album, you can also hear some classic Richard Thompson, Lou Reed and even the Allman Brothers with several of the warmer arrangements.

Pivotal Tracks: “Mock The Hours” serves as the album’s fiery opener, igniting with blistering energy and classic pop structure. Led by Nance’s passionate vocals and driven by a relentless drum and piano drone rhythm, the track encapsulates the band’s focused intensity. Conversely, “Tumbleweed” offers a haunting departure, featuring Nance and Pearl LoveJoy Boyd in a melancholic duet. Against a backdrop of reflective harmonies and subtle instrumentation, the song evokes a sense of introspection and longing, showcasing the album’s emotional depth and sonic range. “Credit Line” has appeared on several of his earlier releases but this version feels final. It is an excellent blues driven smoker that will make your foot tap all the way through. Then there is the closing “In Orlando” that is a pleasant slow moving strummer that is a perfect ending to the record.

Lyrical Strength: Nance’s lyrics blend love, carnage, and introspection, delivering passionate and evocative storytelling throughout the album. From the energetic anthems to the reflective ballads, Nance explores themes of longing, nostalgia, and the human experience with poetic depth and honesty. His lyrics are both vivid and abstract, inviting listeners to interpret and immerse themselves in the narrative landscapes he creates.

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