Cola: Deep In View [Album Review]

Deep In View
Fire Talk Records [2022]

Deep In View is the debut album from Cola. The band is made up of former Ought members Tim Darcy (vocals, guitar) and Ben Stidworthy (bass) alongside drummer Evan Cartwright (US Girls, The Weather Station). Titled after philosopher Alan Watts’ anthology of the same name, the record thrives on a lower key style of post-punk that contains plenty of guitar grooves and Darcy’s calm and inviting vocals.

From the opening track “Blank Curtain,” you immediately will hear Cola’s signature sound as the trio’s focus highlights all three of their instruments while Darcy guides the listener through the rhythms. The group is not in a rush as it lets the song simmer and each member is clearly heard. This tight guitar and Darcy’s lower tone Julian Casablancas like vocals instantly reminds me of The Strokes as other songs like “As Excited,” “At Pace” and “Fulton Park” each have a stylish foot tapping beat that feels urgent but also still is in complete control.

Fans of Ought will enjoy Cola as the group has many similarities as Darcy’s familiar vocals and Stidworthy’s bass lines have not changed much. Cola separates themselves from the past as they keep experimenting here to a minimum and really just show off what they can do with the guitar, bass and drums. I also think more attention is given to Darcy’s introspective lyrics here as the other members completely wait for his finished delivery of each line before they perfectly shift the tempo. Overall, Deep In View is an angular groover that sticks with you and only gets better upon repeat listens.

“So Excited” / “Degree” / “Fulton Park”

The Strokes / Ought / Interpol

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Thomas Wilde

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