Cloud Nothings: Last Building Burning [Album Review]

Cloud Nothings
Last Building Burning
Carpark Records [2018]

Who: Cleveland four-piece Cloud Nothings has returned with their fifth LP.

Sound: Cloud Nothings has always offered a solid indie rock edge and Last Building Burning brings their earlier angst back to the forefront. It has a spirit of Drive Like Jehu, Pissed Jeans, Jesus Lizard, and Unsane.

TFN Final Take: On last year’s Life Without Sound, Cloud Nothings brought more focus to their guitar pop talents and made a record that was catchy but more subdued. Last Building Burning arrives with such fury that it almost makes you forget that Life Without Sound was even released. It explodes energy from the first track “On An Edge” with fiercely sung lyrics, aggressive guitar and pounding drums.

Some fans may not be into Last Building Burning’s punk and hardcore spirit but I will tell you that it is exactly what I wanted to hear from this band. Cloud Nothings has never made the same record twice and this “in your face” album is no different. It challenges you, as the listener will need to dig deep to find the melody as the gritty raw sound emotes from every edge of this one.

I will also tell you that the over 10 minute “Dissolution” is one of the most adventurous songs Cloud Nothings has produced. All of these power forward components make Last Building Burning a non-stop pumping pulse of an album that never takes its foot of the gas for its entire 35 minutes. It is just enough time to grab your breath and hit play again. Wake up every one – Cloud Nothings is here!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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