Cloud Nothings: Attack On Memory [Album Review]

Cloud Nothings
Attack On Memory
Carpark Records [2012]


Fire Note Says: Cloud Nothings evolve again on their spectacular sophomore outing Attack On Memory!

Album Review: Sometimes it is amazing how much can change in a year as the ever evolving Cloud Nothings follows up a really good self-titled debut record released last January with the even better Attack On Memory. The once basement self recorded project of Dylan Baldi has now progressed past just getting in the studio with a producer to making Cloud Nothings a full fledged band and recording with Steve Albini in Chicago.

The transition was fast but the product is absolute quality as Attack On Memory is a lofty fused post-hardcore assault on your brain that has a multitude of layers and a 4D depth. This alive feeling comes at you with an out in front Baldi vocal that lets him hit the top of his almost scream range while his band swirls the guitars behind him.

The engaging balance of this emerging rock sound Cloud Nothings has going on is that they can still inject catchy and memorable harmonies like the sing-along tracks “Fall In” and “Stay Useless” which will have you chiming in within seconds. The three minute rock out instrumental “Separation” is also an exciting turn and new trick for the group while the almost nine minute “Wasted Days” is a riff rhythmic piece of art that doesn’t even sound like the same band in every good way possible.

Attack On Memory will easily be the bar from which Cloud Nothings will be now measured as it is a rock thrill ride from beginning to end. Baldi admittedly wanted something that he could expand on during the live show and every track on here will not only allow for such manipulation but after hearing this record I believe that you will expect it!

Key Tracks: “Cut You”, “Fall In”, “Separation”

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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