Calyx: Stay Gone [Album Review]

Stay Gone
Plastic Miracles / Ethospine Noise / Chumpire / Salinas Records [2021]

I always enjoy when I come across a record that just bursts with raw energy. That is exactly how I would quickly describe Calyx’s full length debut, Stay Gone, as the Pittsburgh trio has perfected their brash style of indie punk rock. The group has been releasing material since 2015, so you can hear that experience flourish here as they sound like a well seasoned band.

You immediately will connect with Calyx on the remarkable opener “Americana Get A Break,” as the band incorporates several stops and starts, several tempo changes and several absolute killer rock out jams all contained within this first track! Caitlin Bender’s fierce vocal strength is another ingredient to Calyx’s success as her voice hits back two fold against the guitar and drums that consistently compete for dominance. The best part is that on Stay Gone this battle is always a draw and Calyx wins with the record’s perfect balance.

It is hard not to listen to any album these days and not reflect how it impacts your head during these pandemic times. Stay Gone is no different but where some albums try to remove you from the everyday burden, Calyx actually tackles it straight on and confronts you somewhat with a “so what – what are you going to do about it?” That attitude helps pull you above water especially on a song like “Onom” that just blasts you with a flourish of drums, riffs and a vocal chant that ties it all together.

Stay Gone is a fresh take on a classic punk structure. Calyx have perfected inserting turn-on-a-dime transitions that separate the group out from the pack and give each track a memorable staying power. It is this kind of energy that should always have you seeking out new bands and today Calyx should be your new find!

Key Tracks: “Americana Get A Break” / “Leslie Plain And Strong” / “Onom”

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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