Bob Mould: Silver Age [Album Review]

Bob Mould
Silver Age
Merge Records [2012]

Fire Note Says: Bob Mould is back with a new loud and melodic record that clearly shows that he has no intention of ever slowing down!

Album Review: I am not sure if there were any expectations for Bob Mould’s new full length, Silver Age, but I guarantee it is going to surprise a lot of fans with its pedal to the floor rock attitude. The Sugar/Hüsker Dü founder has always went back n forth with his styles when it comes to his solo material, which I think fans always respected but deep down really wanted the amps turned up.

Well after opening for the Foo Fighters and playing the 20th anniversary Sugar shows I believe that Mr. Mould was truly inspired to revisit the vigor of his past because Silver Age is packed full of venomous melodic pop rock that fans will absolutely love. Right from the beginning guitar riff on album opener “Star Machine” you have a feeling that this is the record Bob is going to let everything loose. The song has a ripping pulse and a screaming guitar solo as Mould forcefully sings “You say you want it!” Next up is the title track which does nothing to slow the record down and in fact pumps it up as Mould sings “I am never too old to contain my rage – a silver age” with the proper placed explicative just to highlight that he is not fooling around.

Silver Age continues to play to Mould’s strengths and has a very Sugar style with melodic vocals that just hoover above the noise assaultive rock. The record benefits from the addition of Bob’s live band drummer of Jon Wurster (Superchunk) and bassist Jason Narducy (Split Single, Verbow) as each song has a very rich and spontaneous energy that comes from each musician. Silver Age is an album that plays like its own tribute to Mould as you are not going to hear anything new from this album but with that in mind – this is exactly the Bob Mould I want to hear and something tells me – so do you!

Key Tracks: “Star Machine”, “The Descent”, “Keep Believing”

Artists With Similar Fire: Foo Fighters / Big Star / Pixies

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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