Bent Shapes: Wolves Of Want [Album Review]

bent-shapes-wolves-of-want Bent Shapes
Wolves Of Want
Slumberland Records [2016]

Fire Drill Album Review: In all the haze of rock these days, I find myself being easily drawn to a well done power pop record. Boston’s Bent Shapes has released just the record with their sophomore outing Wolves Of Want. The record has plenty of guy/gal harmonies, jangly guitar lines and upbeat mojo which for fans of Sloan, Ted Leo and Big Star, will have an instant connection.

Bent Shapes recorded Wolves of Want with Elio DeLuca (Titus Andronicus), and thematically, it is a record that addresses mental illness, how it seems hard for good things to happen, and some faith in humanity. Not all bad of course and the spirit of the album’s soaring brightness carries the tougher messages without incident. The record does not mess around with its 10 songs clocking in at 28 minutes but for me that just makes Wolves Of Want that much better because it slams you quickly with quality power pop precision and then lets you leave humming every last line!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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