Animal Collective: Tangerine Reef [Album Review]

Animal Collective
Tangerine Reef
Domino Recording Company [2018]


Who: Established experimental electronic rock band.

Sound: Aquarium/laser-light-show music.

TFN Final Take: It’s an admirable idea. Make a record that benefits the fading presence of the coral reef in our world. And it’s meant to be an audiovisual experience. But as a standalone LP, Tangerine Reef is a tough listen. Very trippy and lacking harmony, you need to be engaging other senses (or altering the ones you’re using, wink wink) for the collection to work. The album ambles until its conclusion, not really changing its pace or tone throughout. And as weird as this may sound, it doesn’t really add much to the museum soundscape genre; it hits the expected chords. Tangerine Reef feels like more of a side project, and with this perspective, fans will probably be more open to the project.

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Domino Recording Company

– Reviewed by Matthew Heiner

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