The Friday Fire Track: This Frontier Needs Heroes – “I Love Immigration”

You know that TFN secretly (or not so secretly) loves the Americana/folk genre so why not country fry our Friday Fire Track today. It seems to be hot enough everywhere (temperature wise and politically) to feature the new track from This Frontier Needs Heroes titled “I Love Immigration.”

It should be no surprise by the title that this track is more of a protest song from the band that fits into the theme of their new record, Real Job, which will see an independent release on October 14th. The song could easily be in the same playlist with favorites from Woody Guthrie, Doc Watson, Drive By-Truckers or Billy Bragg. The lyrics will challenge your mindset and the music will make your feet tap so give This Frontier Needs Heroes a bit of your Friday today if you are up for a song of substance.

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