The Friday Fire Track: Tedo Stone – “To The Marshes”

friday fire tedo stone
Anytime I hear a “Dinosaur Jr. meets Neil Young” description you know I will dig a little deeper. That tag is what some are throwing around about Atlanta’s Tedo Stone with his southern flare and indie rock. After checking out his first track I think you argue that it is a fair comparison.

His new album, Marshes, is not due out till September 18 via This Is American Music, so today’s Fire Track, “To The Marshes,” will most likely be your first taste of what Stone has to offer. I especially like when the backing vocals chime in with added “ooh ooh oohs” and how he puts his listeners at ease with every line.

Basically, Tedo Stone delivers some good old fashion rock n’ roll on “To The Marshes” and shows promise for the full length that hits at the very end of summer.

Tedo Stone Website
Tedo Stone Facebook
This Is American Music

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