The Friday Fire Track: Steve Adamyk Band – “Careless”

friday fire steve adamyk
If you were to ask me to list several top punk pop rock acts currently releasing records, Canada’s Steve Adamyk Band would be in my top five. Over their last two albums, Third (2013) and Forever Won’t Wait (2011), the band has been growing in both songwriting and musicianship.

“Careless” is a track off of their forthcoming record Dial Tone which is out July 1 via Dirtnap Records. I really enjoy how Steve Adamyk puts everything into his vocals. Every line, every chorus is belted out like it is his last. “Careless” is no different and really gives you a great snapshot of what the band has to offer.

The track is perfect for short attention spans at just under two minutes and the rowdy guitar will have you hitting repeat and cranking up the volume! Are you careless too? Rock the Friday Fire Track out below and find out!

Steve Adamyk Band Website
Steve Adamyk Band Facebook
Dirtnap Records

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