The Friday Fire Track: MOSAICS – “Year Of Valor”

MOSAICS are a San Francisco trio that have a very pulsating forward sound that can be heard below on their new single and Friday Fire Track “Year of Valor.” Maryam Sadeghian’s clear siren vocals will quickly be bouncing in your head as she leads the charge on this song while the band swirls and twirls electronics while giving the track a guitar backbone. All of this comes together gracefully and at the same time easily can generate a hand clap play along with each verse.

“Year of Valor” is the title track from MOSAICS self-released EP due out on May 20th. The 5 song outing is full of this warm beat pop and is prime to catch your ear. Their chief influences include David Bowie to Nine Inch Nails to Radiohead which you can all faintly dissect with several listens. If you are looking for a clean and direct start to your Friday give MOSAICS a shot and spin the track!

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-Feature by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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