The Friday Fire Track: LA Font – “Bright Red Flame”

friday fire la font
Today’s fire track seems like an appropriate title! LA Font’s first offering off of their upcoming 2-on-1 cassette release (featuring their first two full length albums, The American Leagues and Diving Man) is the rowdy “Bright Red Flame.” The Los Angeles-based foursome has a distinct groove found here that contains plenty of memorable rhythms and sing along call outs to make you take notice.

The youthful energy just pours out of “Bright Red Flame” as lead singer Danny Bobbe draws out each last word. The bounce of the track oozes swagger and the chaotic guitars propel the track along. The cassette is due out October 21st on Fleeting Youth Records and it has us looking forward to new material from the band.

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Fleeting Youth Records

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