The Friday Fire Track: DMA’S – “Too Soon”

Most recently we have been highlighting Australia as a hotbed for the psychedelic garage movement but when you spin today’s Friday Fire Track from Newtown’s DMA’S your mind will swiftly drift off into 90’s era Britpop. The group easily brings up memories of Oasis, Ash, Cast and countless others that made the era hum with hooks, English attitude and soaring guitars.

The trio’s debut LP, Hills End, is a throwback in sound but like “Too Soon,” has plenty of today’s energy to make it noteworthy. I guarentee when the song hits the 38 second mark and singer Tommy O’Dell revs up with the line “When you’re on your own…” you will instantly turn the volume up.

Hills End actually released back in February on Mom + Pop Music but just now has crossed our radar. Like all catchy music, it is never too late to join the party. Enjoy!

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