Norwegian Quintet Highasakite Release First Single “Son of a Bitch”

highasakite-news-bandNorwegian indie-pop quintet Highasakite have released the first single ‘Son of a bitch’ off their US debut EP, In and Out of Weeks, set to be released March 5 on Propeller Recordings.

Comprised of Ingrid Helene Håvik (vocals, zither), Trond Bersu (drums), Øystein Skar (synths), Marte Eberson (synths), and Kristoffer Lo (guitar, percussion, flugabone, tuba), Highasakite has the chops to keep it interesting and the pop sensibility to make it memorable. The band took flight when Håvik and Bersu met while studying jazz at the Trondheim Jazz Conservatory. With Bersu on drums and Håvik singing and playing zither, the duo enlisted producer Thomas Dahl (Krøyt) to help them capture the sounds they were hearing in their heads, and expanded to a five-piece shortly thereafter. With the release of their Norwegian debut, All That Floats Will Rain, the band started playing live, gaining ‘Best New Act of 2012’ accolades from the Norwegian press and receiving international attention for their stellar performances at Iceland Airwaves, Eurosonic, Berlin Music Week, Øya Festival and more.

You can hear the first single below!

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