Guided By Voices returns with new album Please Be Honest

The return of Guided By Voices, which features the line up of Robert Pollard, Bobby Bare Jr., Kevin March, Nick Mitchell, and Mark Shue, is just around the corner but not only is this group going to be on tour but a new record will join their efforts on April 22.

Over at Mojo you can hear the lead track “My Zodiac Companion” which is highly recommended to check out. We have the tracklist for you below which is always a fun read when your are talking GBV. Even better, you can pre-order a copy of the album right now over at Rockathon HERE.

1. My Zodiac Companion
2. Kid On A Ladder
3. Come On Mr. Christian
4. The Grasshopper Eaters
5. Glittering Parliaments
6. The Caterpillar Workforce
7. Sad Baby Eyes
8. The Quickers Arrive
9. Hotel X (Big Soap)
10. I Think A Telescope
11. Please Be Honest
12. Nightmare Jamboree
13. Unfinished Business
14. Defeatists’ Lament
15. Eye Shop Heaven

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