Fire Track: Smile Machine – “Shit Apple”

Smile Machine – the solo project of Jordyn Blakely (Stove, Bartees Strange, Maneka) is set to release her debut, Bye For Now, on July 16th via Exploding In Sound Records (Floatie, Editrix, Thirdface). Having spent a decade playing drums within the Brooklyn DIY community, today Blakely shares her first Smile Machine single, “Shit Apple”.

Speaking about the song, Blakely offered: “The title is inspired by a line from the character Jim Lahey in the show “Trailer Park Boys” where he says, “The shit apple doesn’t fall far from the shit tree.” Even though the context of the quote isn’t the same as in the episode, it made me think about how if you’re not taking care of yourself emotionally or mentally, it eventually spews out onto other parts of your life and people around you. The line “your spoiled apples burn my mouth” refers to being involved in an unhealthy relationship or dynamic where you’re walking on eggshells and feel like being yourself isn’t acceptable despite your efforts to improve things.”

You can pre-order the EP HERE.

Fire Note Staff

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