Fire Track: Calyx – “Leslie Plain And Strong”

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Who can really say for certain, but it’s a New Year, and Calyx is prepared to ask the tough questions. The Pittsburgh-based trio of Caitlin Bender (she/her), Jon Ahn (he/him), and Garett Cassidy (he/him) brings their “complex chemical bond that’s very powerful when rockin” to life, in the form of a debut album — Stay Gone — out on February 12.

Before you can join them on this recorded journey that’s the equivalent of boogie boarding through a shitstorm, today Calyx releases the first single from Stay Gone, “Leslie Plain and Strong”

“Leslie” tells the story of someone who feels happily rooted in the place she has always been, by a narrator who can’t seem to settle on a tone of condescension, jealousy, or simple acknowledgment. And it wastes zero time getting into it, too, as the trio nosedives into the existential through catchy riffs, gang-vocal chants, and high energy drums.

You can pre-order the record HERE.

Fire Note Staff

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