Velvet Crush: Teenage Symphonies To God [Classic Album Revisit]

Velvet Crush
Teenage Symphonies To God
550 Music/Epic Records

Released: July 5, 1994
Producer: Mitch Easter, Velvet Crush
Length: 46:00

Velvet Crush’s Teenage Symphonies To God is an album that deserves to be held in high esteem by fans of power pop and classic rock alike. Released in 1994, the album is a tour de force of catchy hooks, soaring harmonies, and lush arrangements that draw inspiration from some of the greatest bands of the 60’s and 70’s.

The album’s opener, “Hold Me Up”, sets the tone with its jangly guitar riffs and sing-along chorus. “Time Wraps Around You”, is a standout moment, with its lush harmonies and sing along power pop moments that are both exhilarating and emotional. Throughout the album, the songwriting is consistently strong, with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics that stick with you long after the music has ended. “My Blank Pages” and “Weird Summer” are just two examples of tracks that showcase the band’s ability to craft memorable songs that tap into the joys and pains of growing up.

The musicianship on the album is top-notch, with the band’s members showcasing their talents on a variety of instruments. The production is also noteworthy, with the album’s warm, analog sound adding to the overall atmosphere and vibe. In short, Teenage Symphonies To God is a timeless album that deserves to be remembered as one of the great power pop records of the 90s. With its memorable hooks, lush harmonies, and timeless songwriting, it’s an album that will continue to delight and inspire listeners for years to come.

“Hold Me Up” / “Why Not Your Baby” / “Time Wraps Around You” / “This Life Is Killing Me”

“Faster Days” / “My Blank Pages” / “Weird Summer”

The dB’s / Big Star / Teenage Fanclub

The Smile Connection: The title of the album is a reference to Brian Wilson’s description of the music he was creating for Smile. The cover artwork is an homage to Frank Holmes’s work on Smile.

Teenage Symphonies To God was just reissued on vinyl by BackGroove Recods. Velvet Crush is not actively recording or touring as a band. However, members of the band have continued to be active in the music industry in various capacities. Lead vocalist and guitarist Paul Chastain has released several solo albums and has collaborated with other artists, including Matthew Sweet. Drummer Ric Menck has also been active in the music industry as a session musician and has worked with the likes of Matthew Sweet, Liz Phair, Marianne Faithful and has played with several other bands, including The Tyde and The Springfields. Guitarist Jeffrey Borchardt has been involved in various musical projects, including solo work and collaborations with other artists.

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