Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 17 (November/December 2014)

bandcamp 17
Welcome to the holiday season and our final Bandcamp feature of 2014. Good things await your ear as The Fire Note spotlights bewitching songs from Miami, lo-fi shoegaze out of Scotland, garage R&B kicking down from Minnesota and thrash metal pop punk from Brooklyn! The Fire Note wishes everyone a festive holiday season and remember – Discover, Support & Share!

los-tones Los Tones
Sydney, Australia

Los Tones are a psych-rock band from Australia, but don’t you go thinking they’re just an imitation Tame Impala. Instead of conjuring the spirit of John Lennon, Los Tones prefer to resurrect the more aggressive vibe of classic garage acts like The Seeds and The Sonics, with more than enough distorted guitar solos to satiate even the most rabid fuzz freak.

Los Tones Bandcamp

womanmay WOMANMAY
Miami, Florida

The mysterious WOMANMAY crafts bewitching songs that combine her confident vocal delivery with evocative, spacious, and sometimes highly experimental guitar work. The result is a compelling, original sound that carves its own unique niche somewhere between blues, jazz, rock, and freak-folk.


numinous eye Numinous Eye
San Francisco, California

An interesting project consisting of Charnel Music leader as well as former SubArachnoid Space Mason Jones, Numinous Eye surfs the psych seas. The Duo takes inspiration from groups like Moon Duo, Heavy Winged, and Tadpole, but there’s a hint of U2 in their sound as well as the expansiveness of A Shoreline Dream. It makes for a dreamy, ominous cocktail.

Numinous Eye Bandcamp

cherry-wave The Cherry Wave
Glasgow, Scotland

Borrowing from genres such as fuzz, lo-fi, noise rock, and shoegaze The Cherry Wave is right up my alley. Taking shelter under a fuzz soaked shroud, this four piece pay their respects to shoegaze heavyweights My Bloody Valentine, The Cocteau Twins, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Anyone looking for a new wave of noise to be immersed in would do well to check out The Cherry Wave.

The Cherry Wave Bandcamp

foxes-in-fiction Foxes In Fiction
New York, New York

Foxes in Fiction’s newest release, Ontario Gothic is one of my favorite albums of the year. Ontario Gothic is a lo-fi, pop album with a dreamy, beautiful feel. Warren Hildebrand who runs the label Orchid Tapes, released, recorded and wrote the album.

Foxes In Fiction Bandcamp

quaterbacks QUATERBACKS
New Paltz, New York

QUARTERBACKS released their album, QUARTERBOY this year under double double whammy records. QUARTERBOY contains several songs from their previous album, SPORTSCENTER, as well as some new ones. The album includes 12 lo-fi, songs with a nostalgic feel. The band, from New Paltz, New York is made up of three guys: (dean, tom, and max). Their newest LP is self-titled and due out February 10, 2015.


boxcar-suiteThe Boxcar Suite
Dayton, Ohio

Led by singer/songwriter Tim Pritchard, The Boxcar Suite play a very retro sounding style of melodic rock. Pritchard has one of those take notice type of voices as it pushes the Boxcar Suite to bring their best. On slow burning tracks like “LA, A Stranger Mourns,” you get the full experience that includes lap steel and a scorching guitar solo while foot tappers such as “Until Eventually” contain catchy warm 70’s harmonies. Their new record, Across the Vast & Deep, is an ear pleaser all the way through.

The Boxcar Suite Bandcamp

sex-rays The Sex Rays
Minneapolis, Minnesota

From the name to their music style, The Sex Rays have a hip swagger to them. The garage-R&B pulsing jam, “She Thing” definitely pulls you in but the surf sci-fi mayhem that follows on the their new 7″ will have you hooked. The Sex Rays bring tons to the table in this very short offering – can’t wait to hear more!

The Sex Rays Bandcamp

jesus-sons Jesus Sons
Los Angeles, California

Jesus Sons offer up some really good rhythm and blues jangly garage rock from LA. If you discovered their self-titled record back in January then you are really going to dig their new limited 7-inch for “Better Times.” Their music represents a very carefree LA attitude with every call out vocal and smoky bar guitar strum. This is livin’ on the streets type of rock n roll!

Jesus Sons Bandcamp

low fat getting high Low Fat Getting High
Brooklyn, New York

Low Fat Getting High’s debut LP is an absolute stunner. It is a blend of thrash metal mixed with pop-punk alternative. It is like listening to Among the Living era Anthrax cover Nevermind era Nirvana. Each track moves along briskly to the next one, making this an easy and highly enjoyable listen. If you have a love for heavier music that does not stoop to the overwrought themes and spectacle of metal, give Low Fat Getting High a listen. This trio rocks and then some. This is a fantastic debut and I cannot recommend this album enough.

Low Fat Getting High Bandcamp

-Feature by Daniel Taylor, Christopher Tahy, Sophie Gross, Simon Workman and Christopher Anthony

Fire Note Staff

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