Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 29

A new year always brings excitement of what is to come and so far the 2016 music scene is starting to heat up. This Bandcamp edition has plenty of anticipation within as TFN has featured bedroom pop from Philly, 90’s influenced indie tunes out of New York, shoegaze vibes from Austin, Australian heavy rock, ambient and drone-electronics courtesy of LA and a French heavy outfit. If you like what you hear make sure you – Discover, Support & Share!

woodlands The Woodlands
San Luis Obispo, California

If you have heard Parallels Vol. I from The Woodlands and Samuel Robertson’s other project, Quiet Arrows, then Volume II should be a no-brainer. If this is your introduction, then you should enjoy this sparse and stripped-down second round of alternate and reinvented versions of songs from the group’s previous albums. This album shows a different side of The Woodlands but not only can the songs stand alone but they should have you wanting to look back for more.

The Woodlands Bandcamp

cherry Cherry
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cherry is the new bedroom-pop project from Russell Edling (ex-Kite Party). The band’s debut full-length is coming late 2016 but you can check out the Gloom EP come February 19th. The group has a very Yo La Tengo vibe going on here and finds the track “Alligators” just floating along. The songs were recorded to an 8-track tape machine which gives them an intimate quality that you don’t find with other methods. This EP sets the stage and does its job as we look ahead with anticipation of the LP.

Cherry Bandcamp

dead-stars Dead Stars
New York, New York

Brooklyn-based Dead Stars flex their 90’s-influenced indie rock muscles all over their new sophomore record Bright Colors, which is due out March 4th. Catchy laid back guitar riffs, big amp moments and plenty of back-n-forth tempos works well for Dead Stars and give a memorable edge. I think you will definitely hear more from these guys as spring hits by why wait – get onboard now!

Dead Stars Bandcamp

royal chant Royal Chant
Sydney, Australia

Found this talented Aussie band by searching for bands that used Guided By Voices in their tags. They do bear some semblance to the Dayton legends. Royal Chant have a knack for the more heavy side of GBV, with a bit more punk thrown in for good measure. A very pleasant discovery for sure. They have 17 releases listed on Bandcamp. Might make for a good time for fans of catchy, heavy rock. Dig in and enjoy!

Royal Chant Bandcamp

rat fist Rat Fist
Los Angeles, California

Members of No Age and Pissed Jeans formed this LA-based outfit, Rat Fist. The marriage of No Age’s lo-fi rock with Pissed Jeans noise sensibilities makes for a very interesting and spot on debut for Rat Fist. A nice balance of noise and catchy pop-punk hooks that will remind listeners of Black Flag. Goes great with a 6-pack! Get this now!

Rat Fist Bandcamp

sunwatchers Sunwatchers
New York, New York

While NPR brought these guys to my attention, and they have their debut being released by Castle Face Records on March 11th. Sunwatchers is a New York freak-punk, jazz-infused, drone band that has to be heard to be believed. To give just a hint I’ll list their instrument classifications: Yawning Earth, Screeching Firmament, and Swirling Magic Murk.

Sunwatchers Bandcamp

black-queen The Black Queen
Los Angeles, California

The Black Queen is a group that projects what the future sounds like in the 80’s. An ambient, drone, and electronic group. Shearing ties with Joshua Eustis (Nine Inch Nails, Puscifer) The Black Queen filters synths and drone through a dystopian, dark future. The album just dropped and you can expect a review sometime next week.

The Black Queen Bandcamp

mars-red-sky Mars Red Sky
Bordeaux, France

Brooding and spacey, it wouldn’t be a band camp list if I didn’t include some sort of doom/sludge project. Mars Red Sky is a band that speaks to me because as soon as you locate their bio, band names like SLEEP, Black Sabbath, Acid King, and Electric Wizard come up. Mars Red Sky is an atmospheric and heavy outfit that has a new EP out and is currently working on a new full-length that seems primed to impress.

Mars Red Sky Bandcamp

pet-sun Pet Sun
Ontario, Canada

Pet Sun’s new record is coming in the spring but their brand of “doom laden garage rock” can be found on their recent three song EP currently available on their Bandcamp page. The group grinds and has plenty of reminders that grunge never really went away and still has an influence on new groups. The opening 6 minute grinder especially gets me excited for what is to come as Pet Sun is gritty, complex and has the ability to simply explode!

Pet Sun Bandcamp

magnet-school Magnet School
Austin, Texas

Here is a band that has been floating around the Austin scene for a while but has never really broke out even though they have shared the stage with some great names. The group has just released their sophomore record today and their shoegaze meets noise-rock approach will surely grab your ear (it did ours)! If you are looking for some solid sounding indie rock Magnet School should meet your needs.

Magnet School Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony, Daniel Taylor and Christopher Tahy

Fire Note Staff

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