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TFN knows you are ready for new music this week! Today, AOW brings you a superb new roots rock record from Dayton’s Kyleen Downes, a stylish classic post-punk new wave from Boston’s Sweeping Promises and finally a sonic blast of rocking shoegaze out of Houston, Texas from Narrow Head. As always, if you like what you hear please spread the word!

Kyleen Downes
Dayton, Ohio

Kyleen Downes has just released her third studio effort with Come On Sit Down. The album checks the boxes in the indie folk genre but don’t mistake that definition for a quiet sit by the fire experience. Kyleen offers plenty of swagger with a touch of twang while also cranking up the amps on multiple tracks. It is Kyleen’s ability to walk this roots rock line that makes Come On Sit Down infectious. The rollicking “Give Up The Ghost” is the perfect introduction to Downes rock out fire while the introspective “All My Life” highlights her quality songwriting and likable voice. Come On Sit Down is just one of those records we hope surprises you after you check out a few tracks!

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Kyleen Downes Bandcamp

Sweeping Promises
Boston, Massachusetts

Hunger For A Way Out is the catchy debut from the Boston-area Sweeping Promises. Written and recorded with a patented “single mic technique” just before quarantine, Hunger For A Way Out, is a post-punk album that has an edgy DIY sound. Spirited hooks, angular guitars and sharp synth notes float atop a raw rhythm section, while Lira Mondal’s effervescent vocals truly define Sweeping Promises’ sound. Even though the band has a very classic vibe there is something incredibly fresh with their delivery. Sweeping Promises brooding new wave style pops on each track and they just know when to let loose. Currently the band keeps quickly selling out their limited vinyl so keep an eye on Sweeping Promises because they truly have breakout potential. Hunger For A Way Out is available now via Feel It Records.

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Sweeping Promises Bandcamp

Narrow Head
Houston, Texas

“Nobody has riffs anymore,” says founding member Jacob Duarte when asked about his approach on 12th House Rock, Narrow Head’s new LP for Run for Cover due on August 28. “That’s the kind of band we are and to me, that’s just how you write songs. Drums, bass, guitar, vocals. Nothing else. There are no other instruments on the record.” The Houston-based band’s latest album is a full sonic blast of 90’s alternative and hard rock with a fresh 2020 delivery. Massive waves of riffs drench this album as the band can instantly dip into a shoegaze mode before snapping right back into a ripping rock assault. If you want to get your adrenaline going, 12th House Rock from Narrow Head is the injection you need!

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Narrow Head Bandcamp

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