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TFN presents a more rocking AOW this week. We have the Breeders/Boredoms/Black Sabbath sound out of Chicago, the resurfacing of a great indie rock artist out of Philadelphia and then edgy pop punk from Los Angeles. These days have been tough so hopefully some new music will raise your spirits some – Discover, Support, Share!

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago-based band Melkbelly will release PITH, their new album, tomorrow (April 3rd) via Wax Nine / Carpark Records. PITH was summoned from a place of mourning following the loss of a close friend. This setting makes for a slightly darker and heavier record than their 2017 album Nothing Valley. The band still brings you a focused noise indie rock that mashes all the good elements of the Breeders, Boredoms and Black Sabbath while supplying some core memorable riffs that will keep you coming back for more. Melkbelly is one of those bands that has been under the radar but PITH is a record that should turn plenty of ears their way!

Melkbelly Bandcamp

Empty Country
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cymbals Eat Guitars had four great indie rock albums in their existence from 2009-2016. More than a decade later, founder and lead singer Joseph D’Agostino is releasing his fifth full-length album, and his first outside Cymbals Eat Guitars, as Empty Country. His voice is instantly recognizable and it feels like friend has just returned on these 10 tracks. Although, you might expect, like I did, that Empty Country would be a completly different type set of songs – it’s not. The album has a wider range of material for sure and definitely is closer to D’Agostion but make sure you check out the catchy rocker “Ultrasound” because it will remind you why you were a fan of Cymbals Eat Guitars in the first place. You can find his self-titled release out now on Get Better Records.

Empty Country Bandcamp

The Bombpops
Los Angeles, California

You can give me a band like The Bombpops any time of the year and it will instantly boost my mood. The Bombpops hasn’t changed on their sophomore effort Death In Venice. You get the melodic punk with big guitars, vocal harmonies, and the very sunny SoCal sound that has a punch you only can get from the West Coast. If you are familar with the groups 2017 debut, Fear Of Missing Out, you will hear their progression here in the lyrics as real life expereinces have impacted the band and given every song a sharper edge. That fire works for the group as Death In Venice is a big step forward with plenty of replay value. The album is out now on Fat Wreck Chords.

The Bombpops Bandcamp

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