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We have another three fantastic artists for you to check out this week! Catchy timeless music for a good cause from Dayton, excellent indie rock from France and out of the box post-rock from Chicago. Discover, Support, Share!

Andy Gabbard
Dayton, Ohio

Andy Gabbard is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Dayton, Ohio, who is a member of the Buffalo Killers, and part of the touring band for The Black Keys. One listen to his newly released record, Cherry Sun, and you will know why Andy’s solo work has been compared to Brian Wilson, Matthew Sweet, and Jim Ellison. His soft leading vocal is easy to connect with and his music is timely with the song “Quarantined In The USA” that perfectly summarizes the worlds situation. The record also has a great cover of Bob Dylan’s “This Wheel’s On Fire” that is memorable. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with this just under 20 minute album and all the proceeds will be donated to The Foodbank, Inc. in Dayton, Ohio. A good record – a good cause!

Andy Gabbard Bandcamp

Lyon, France

If you are looking for a throwback 90’s alternive rock sound then Lyon’s AVIONS is going to be your new favorite band. Their new EP, 5 For Nacho, contains catchy track after catchy track. AVIONS reminds of bands like The Posies, Gigolo Aunts and there is some Guided By Voices in here as well. The EP is available now on the excellent Howlin’ Banana Records label which has a great selection of indie, garage and pscyh bands on their roster. Looking foward to hearing more from AVIONS and hopefully a full length is in the works!

AVIONS Bandcamp

Chicago, Illinois

FACS is already on their third album in three years and I believe people looking for a band that thinks outside the box are really going to like this evolving group. FACS is set to release their third album, Void Moments, on Trouble In Mind Records tomorrow and it finds the post-rock group swirling music into an even more unpredictable form. Void Moments is more dense, more submersive and more disjointed than anything the band has released before. This growth takes FACS to a new level and for sure will shake up your playlist if you give them an add!

FACS Bandcamp

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