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Joshua Tree, CA

Desert rock and stoner rock have long since been a part of my musical tastes. From the moment I heard Queens of the Stone Age I was hooked. That raw desert crunch that burned through the amps, there’s nothing like it. That’s why when I heard that Nick Oliveri (Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age) and Brant Bjork(Kyuss) started STÖNER, I had my interest peaked. Described as desert vibe meets the punk attitude, their debut album, Stoners Rule, could be one to keep on the radar for sure.

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STÖNER Bandcamp

Infinity Shred
New York, New York

When EP 002 was released this year it was subtitled Recovery for a good reason. EP 002 (Recovery) is what happens when a pandemic gives a lot of time to create. Mixing the ambience of post-rock, chiptunes, and synthwave, Infinity Shred create a towering monolith of 8-bit ambiance and instrumental future metal for a bold and impassioned listen.

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Infinity Shred Bandcamp

Solar Haze
Los Angeles, California

Rounding out the pack we find ourselves back in the land of hard rock and furious metal riffs with Solar Haze. The mind bending metalers are releasing their new EP, The Solar Age, on July 16, 2021. Another good one to keep an eye on if you need more hard rock vibes in your head.

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Solar Haze Bandcamp

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