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artist highlight fuji kureta
Fuji Kureta is an electronic pop duo from Istanbul. The group is comprised of Sahin Kureta (music-programming) and Deniz Ozturk (lyrics-vocals) which have been making music together since late 2008. Fuji Kureta recently released their new 4 track EP, Yetunde, on South Africa based Tree Machine Records and you can hear right from the first track, “The Hunt,” how the group is ready for something bigger.

Ozturk’s Björk like vocals will instantly grab you as Fuji Kureta’s music ebbs and flows with soft beats and climatic runs. The entire EP has a tense undertone vibe which helps it stand out as their sharp electronic turns have the precision of Radiohead’s later era records.

At times, Yetunde is like watching a drip of water release slowly and fall to the ground. You are never quite sure when it is going to detach but when it does an entire new energy is created. Fuji Kureta have created that same motion and feeling on Yetunde – you can check out the EP below.

For more information on Fuji Kureta visit:
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