The Friday Fire Track: Parquet Courts – “Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out Of Patience”

Parquet Courts have just announced their fifth album, Wide Awake!, which will be released on May 18th via Rough Trade. Parquet Courts have been crazy consistent with solid output record after record which includes A. Savage’s excellent solo outing Thawing Dawn. The new record was produced by Brian Burton, better known as Danger Mouse, so it is a risk that should make fans nervous but after hearing today’s Friday Fire Track – maybe not.

“Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out Of Patience” is a thrill ride that shines a spotlight on the tight songwriting of A. Savage and Austin Brown. The lyrics flow flawless as the lean punk groove that only Parquet Courts can create gels these two songs (parts) together. The best moment comes when “Almost Had To Start A Fight” transitions into “In And Out Of Patience.” The beat changes, the tempo changes and the vocals get turned up a notch. All of this happens though and it works as one song. After there is only one thing to do – play it again. Enjoy your Friday!

Parquet Courts Website
Rough Trade Records

The Friday Fire Track: Ampline – “Captions”

Let us introduce you to Ampline. Kevin Schmidt, Rick McCarty and Mike Montgomery have been writing, recording and touring as Ampline since 2001. This veteran act just released their fifth full length album, Passion Relapse, on January 26th via SofaBurn Records.

You also might recognize Mike Montgomery from another band we enjoy, as he along with The Breeders’ Kelley Deal, is currently a member of the duo, R.Ring which released their excellent debut Ignite The Rest last year.

Today’s Friday Fire Track, “Captions” gives you a great example of Ampline’s gritty style of rock. The group is clearly from a different era as “Captions” has a very Wash DC groove like Jawbox and the Dischord Records catalog plus some comparison to Hüsker Dü and Hum. The song is aggressive with an edge that is all business. Enjoy your Friday!

Ampline Website
Ampline Facebook
SofaBurn Records

The Friday Fire Track: Pale Kids – “St. Theresa”

Pale Kids new track, “St. Theresa” is the perfect power pop punk rocker to get your Friday cruising. This track is from their forthcoming release, Hesitater, which is a new three-song EP out March 23 via Father/Daughter Records.

Durham, England’s Pale Kids have been releasing an assortment of splits and EPs since 2016 but one spin of the Friday Fire Track today and you will hear how they have quickly progressed as artists. “St. Theresa” should appeal to the masses that experienced a religious upbringing and now question some of those ideas. Of course, Pale Kids handle the topic with an explosive melody that will stick in your head. Enjoy your Friday!

Pale Kids Website
Pale Kids Facebook
Father/Daughter Records

The Friday Fire Track: Charly Bliss – “The Way You Wear Your Head” (Nada Surf Cover)

TFN is always about the cover song. Give us a cover song and we will spin it till it won’t spin no more! Today’s Friday Fire Track is exactly that. Brooklyn-based punks Charly Bliss, which released an outstanding debut record last year in Guppy, take on Nada Surf’s “The Way You Wear Your Head.”

The song is from Standing At The Gates: The Songs of Nada Surf’s Let Go, a self-released charity album featuring a diverse list of artists covering the record in honor of its 15th anniversary. The album features Ron Gallo, Manchester Orchestra, Aimee Mann and more as you can see the full tracklist below.

Standing At The Gates is released digitally tomorrow and physically on March 2, 2018. Nada Surf supports the ACLU and The Pablove Foundation and this is a great way to donate. Enjoy your Friday!

Standing At The Gates: The Songs of Nada Surf’s Let Go track list:
1. Blizzard of ’77 (Manchester Orchestra)
2. Happy Kid (Ron Gallo)
3. Inside of Love (The Texas Gentlemen)
4. Fruit Fly (Ed Harcourt)
5. Blonde on Blonde (Rogue Wave)
6. Hi-Speed Soul (The Long Winters)
7. Killian’s Red (Holly Miranda)
8. The Way You Wear Your Head (Charly Bliss)
9. Neither Heaven Nor Space (William Tyler)
10. La Pour Ca (Adia Victoria)
11. Treading Water (Eyelids)
12. Paper Boats (Aimee Mann)
13. No Quick Fix (Victoria Bergsman)

The Friday Fire Track: Mind Spiders – “Outside”

Mind Spiders have just released their new album, Furies, today via Dirtnap Records. Today’s Friday Fire Track is the first track on the record and it’s a mover. “Outside” captures Mind Spiders aggressiveness as the track just builds and builds and builds into a phonetic frenzy.

The group continues to morph into the Devo of the upside down as Furies is the groups fifth full length and most systematically electronic. You can hear the pulsing drums and synths just cruising in the background here as Mind Spiders still have their punk roots but have settled into this modern futuristic sounding niche.

If you are looking for something different – Mind Spiders will fill the void as these veterans will not disappoint. Enjoy your Friday!

Mind Spiders Facebook
Dirtnap Records

The Friday Fire Track: Graham Repulski – “Negative Highlight Reel”

We love lo-fi around here at The Fire Note and today’s Friday Fire Track is from one of favorite underground indie heroes Graham Repulski. The Philadelphia artist releases a consistently good batch of songs every year and “Negative Highlight Reel” is one of the first in 2018.

The track is from the cassette EP of the same name along with its companion cassette release Permission To Love. 13 songs over 2 limited edition cassettes with unique art.

Just play the track and get onboard already. Graham Repulski should be on everyone’s lo-fi radar and if you were going to have a cassette catalog – this would be one to have. As the song asks “Do you love me anyway?” – the answer is Yes. Enjoy your Friday!

Graham Repulski Bandcamp

The Friday Fire Track: Beechwood – “I Don’t Wanna Be The One You Love”

Beechwood look and sound like 100% New York City. In today’s Friday Fire Track you will immediately hear their influences of The Stooges and New York Dolls while embracing the more pop side of the Velvet Underground. This track is from their new release, Songs From The Land Of Nod, and if you follow Burger Records you may have seen this album for a bit last year as they had a small cassette release but now Alive Records is giving the album a full remastered release (that includes a bonus CD track).

“I Don’t Wanna Be The One You Love” is included on their sophomore release, Songs From The Land Of Nod which is out on vinyl January 26 via Alive Records. Even though the band is in their early twenties, Beechwood released their debut in 2014 entitled Trash Glamour (Lolipop Records) and have a 7″ for “Uptown Daughter/It’s Not Wrong” (Lefse Records) which released in 2015.

That early start has led the group to becoming a true band to watch in 2018. This track is a groover and this one taste of Songs From The Land Of Nod should have you asking for more. Enjoy your Friday!

Beechwood Website
Beechwood Facebook
Alive Records

The Friday Fire Track: Stonefield – “Delusion”

Australia’s Flightless is a record label that’s on a roll. They are home to one of the most talked about bands in the world right now, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Plus their roster of artists continues to drive psychedelic music to new heights. Artist that include The Murlocs, ORB, Pipe Eye, The Babe Rainbow, and now Stonefield.

Stonefield consists of four sisters: Amy, Hannah, Sarah, and Holly Findlay. What’s their purpose? To play heavy, burning psychedelic music. “Delusion” is a majestic supernova that burns with mysticism. They’re a band that fills the Dream Machined shaped whole in my heart- and does a better job of it.

The news about Stonefield is that a full-length LP is expected early next year. Anything beyond that is a mystery. “Delusion” only gets me excited to hear more. Expect to know more when we know more.

Stonefield Website
Stonefield Facebook
Flightless Records

The Friday Fire Track: Acid Dad – “Die Hard”

pic by: Alec Castillo

Back in February of 2016 we told you about Brooklyn’s Acid Dad right here in The Friday Fire Track feature. At that time, the psych-punk group was releasing their new EP, Let’s Plan A Robbery, that just got us ready for more. And then we waited!

The wait is over as Acid Dad has emerged on Greenway Records with a new 7-inch for today’s Friday Fire Track, “Die Hard.” The band also made the announcement that they are targeting a full-length release in the Spring of next year.

“Die Hard” creates its magic in its first 20 seconds as its slow warm up hum launches into a full-on New York Strokes type guitar roll that will instantly hook you. This track from Acid Dad speaks for itself – enjoy your Friday!

Acid Dad Website
Acid Dad Facebook
Greenway Records

The Friday Fire Track: Olden Yolk – “Takes One To Know One”

Trouble In Mind has been on a hot streak this year and the label’s 2018 lineup is already looking solid. Today’s Friday Fire Track artist, Olden Yolk, is more proof that they are a label to save some up some hard-earned cash for next year. The New York-based group is led by songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists Shane Butler (of Quilt) and Caity Shaffer. The band’s self-titled debut is coming out February 23, 2018.

Today’s Friday Fire track, “Takes One To Know One,” is a play on the phrase and here means to accept the collective situation rather than belittle it. It is a dense momentum building track that almost spreads to eight minutes and holds your attention every step of the way.

As you cross the two-minute mark in the song its vocals break out in a chanting chorus as they now soar over the rhythmic pulse of the track’s addicting underbelly. The group also rides some intricate layered vocals in its midsection that just highlights the complexity of Olden Yolk. The song sounds like the perfect headphone groover with its distinct movements as this album hits in February and will fit in with a scenery of potentially snow-covered ground.

Olden Yolk already has us excited for 2018 because “Takes One To Know One” just scratches the surface of their album. Enjoy your Friday!

Olden Yolk Website
Olden Yolk Facebook
Trouble In Mind Records

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