Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 34

Everyone has been emailing and asking – when is the Bandcamp feature returning? Well – how about right now! After consistent enquires we are back with the beloved feature!

For this outing we have some in your face punk from Melbourne, psych-pop from Sacramento, basement rock out of Cincinnati, post-punk from Oakland, Vancouver power pop and psychedelic instrumentals all the way from Sydney. A warm welcome back for TFN Bandcamp Artists feature and the drill is still the same: Discover, Support, & Share!

Monster Movie
Berkshire, England

Christian Savill and Sean Hewson have been in bands together since the late ’80s with Slowdive being the one you probably know the best. Monster Movie is their more current group (although a Slowdive reunion is coming) as Keep The Voices Distant is Monster Movie’s fifth album and their first record since 2010’s Everyone Is a Ghost. This one has potential and it is at Gravefaces’ Bandcamp!

Monster Movie Bandcamp

marbled-eye Marbled Eye
Oakland, California

We have totally been sitting on Marbled Eye. In fact, I liked it so much I quickly bought the cassette at Melters page HERE. Luckily, you can still pick up their raw post punk collection of 5 tracks digitally as well. The EP is really musically tight as this band has similar tones of Preoccupations and some early Interpol. Concise directly delivered vocals with a smidge of recklessness and a whole lot of purpose.

Marbled Eye Bandcamp

The Courtneys
Vancouver, Canada

The Flying Nun label should be enough to grab your attention for The Courtneys. The power pop trio, recently released their sophomore album, The Courtneys II, which is full of early ’90s sounds that will remind you of Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, and The Clean. This is one of those bands you will get instantly hooked right from the first track “Silver Velvet” and want to turn up the volume immediately. Good passionate songwriting and playing offers a slightly fuzzy and fun album from beginning to end.

The Courtneys Bandcamp

sinking-suns Sinking Suns
Madison, Wisconsin

Sinking Suns hit you with a post-punk/noise-rock from the beginning with a blend of blues, garage, surf and punk. The band definitely has a harder edge to them with a consistent grinding guitar which really grabbed my attention. The controlled chaos of the record will keep you both unsteady and enthralled. A perfect balance of muscle and finesse that works. Their full length hit last year so we will see where 2017 takes them.

Sinking Suns Bandcamp

comacozer Comacozer
Sydney, Australia

How about heavy tripped out psychedelic instrumentals, that will make you feel like you’re sitting on a pyramid looking into an open sky with a kaleidoscope of unknown patterns, the deeper you get the more lost you will become. How about that band description! Well, check out this 5 song over 40-minute mind melter from Australia.

Comacozer Bandcamp

Sacramento, California

Here is a psych-pop group that we know TFN followers will be completely sold on. You can hear their eagerness on their debut Diving Bells with the fading echoed vocals, slightly reverbed guitar and plenty of little moments that will make you want to hit replay. Most of Vasas songs hit the 2-minute sweet spot and quickly slow build into sprawling arrangements out of nowhere. Diving Bells is an excellent debut and we see this band earning more exposure very soon.

Vasas Bandcamp

Dead Coast
London, England

If you have not checked out London psych rockers Dead Coast debut LP Shambolic then this feature will act as a two for one. The band has a new single, “The Silt,” which highlights their surf backbone and fuzzed out vocals that you can not only pick up digitally but on a stellar 7″ from the excellent Greenway Records label HERE. This song grooves all the way till the end and if you like what you hear you must work backwards and pick up last year’s Shambolic.

Dead Coast Bandcamp

Cincinnati, Ohio

Chris Wales, aka Hamlet, gives you plenty of straightforward indie rock from the basement. With the help of Jason Short on drums and Mike Fair’s guitar work, Hamlet has just released the engaging 7 track The Low Points of the High Points. Hamlet has the sound of a Tobin Sprout style with the leanings toward the solo song structure of Bonnie Prince Billy.

Hamlet Bandcamp

Melbourne, Australia

Get ready America! In The Red Records just announced the release of Electric Glitter Boogie, the debut LP from Melbourne garage rock boogie trio Power. Originally released via seminal Aussie punk/garage label Cool Death in 2015, In The Red’s reissue of Electric Glitter Boogie, out March 24, 2017, is the first time the Australian trio’s album will see release outside of their home country. It is a scorcher and sounds like the fresh catch of the day. Hide your kids, Power is going to knock down your door soon!

Power Bandcamp

Bloomington, Indiana

Hoops hits TFN modern soft power pop nerve as their sound has the smooth mellow groove of EZTV, Real Estate or Ultimate Painting. The Indiana four-piece debut album, Routines, is not out until May 5th via Fat Possum but their Bandcamp single already has us anticipating a great listen. Hoops earlier recordings were made on four-track tape machines in living rooms and basements but Routines marks the band’s first sessions in an actual studio. Don’t expect them to lose their style because I think it has only giving them more creative space – and that is a good thing!

Hoops Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Thomas Wilde

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 33

Doesn’t really matter where you have been this July but it is HOT!! So nothing like some new tunes to help hanging out on the inside where it is COOl! This July edition has some new young talent from Dayton, lo-fi from Sweden, surf out of the Bay area, punk from Delaware, pop rock from the NYC, and some alt-country from Columbus, OH. It wouldn’t be a Bandcamp feature if you didn’t Discover, Support & Share – just do it already!

plow united Plow United
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Punk may not be in the mainstream like it was back in the day but Phili’s Plow United make a great statement here of why you should still be listening. The group’s debut came out in 1994, so they lived it through 1998 until a break. Three represents their second release since reuniting in 2011 and after listening – you would never believe they went away. Think Face to Face, Rancid, and MxPx as Plow United bring the right vibe.

Plow United Bandcamp

will-bennett-tells Will Bennett & The Tells
Columbus, Ohio

Should someone tell Columbus, OH band Will Bennett & The Tells that they should be playing in Austin, TX? Why? Well, their upbeat Old 97’s alt-country style is beer bottle breaking, girl stealing, belt buckle fun and deserves some attention. Their debut, Wichita, has everything from some good relationship stories to a little rollicking honky tonk which works well with Bennett’s laid back vocal delivery. The band may call Columbus home but you can gladly dust the southern dirt off of this one!

Will Bennett & The Tells Bandcamp

cool-ghouls Cool Ghouls
San Francisco, California

Cool Ghouls have a 60’s rock pop sound with psychedelic harmonies and intricate guitar playing. The band will be releasing their third record, Animal Races, on Aug 19th via Empty Cellar. The group definitely has refined their sound and focused in on their Nugget highlights from previous outings. Animal Races is easily their most confident LP to date and should bring a bigger audience with its warm California sound that never gets old.

Cool Ghouls Bandcamp

this-pine-box This Pine Box
Dayton, Ohio

Finding new talent in your own backyard always seems like a big win. This Pine Box are young but talented with their big song structures and engaging guy/gal harmonies. Their strength is in their restraint, as both vocalists come across very controlled while the music swirls around them with some solid guitar work. The group has just recently released their impressive debut EP, For Awhile, so who knows what will happen next with their still untapped emotion that only comes with experience. I wouldn’t wait – give them a shot now!

This Pine Box Bandcamp

sleepies Sleepies
Brooklyn, New York

Be careful searching for this group on Google or you could end up with a mattress! Sleepies are on their third full length with Natural Selection and it is another angular punk record that at times feels Dead Milkmen while others – Interpol. Their music has a modern edge to it that will surprise you around every corner and should suck you in. After a couple spins of their tracks – we both can agree that Sleepies have a great indie rock sound.

Sleepies Bandcamp

glyders1 Glyders
Chicago, Illinois

We actually featured these guys back in our Jan 2015 edition but thought they were worth mentioning again with the release of the 6 song DIM. This laid back jangly lo-fi set shows off the Glyders area of specialty and I think you will dig every song.

Glyders Bandcamp

shy-mirrors Shy Mirrors

Last we heard from Shy Mirrors at TFN was back in 2013 with Negative Collector but the band has kept steadily busy releasing cassette full lengths with the latest, When Nothing is Next, out via our friends at Hope For The Tape Deck. The record is another blast of short lo-fi goodness and brings plenty of “hit replay” moments. Besides the obvious GBV comparison, Shy Mirrors also have an energetic Superchunk side to them as well which rocks!

Shy Mirrors Bandcamp

jeanies The Jeanies
New York, New York

The Jeanies released this single last year but one of our favorite labels, HoZac Records, just put this single out on wax giving the band their first proper 7″. If you like solid sounding pop rock like Shoes, Big Star and Redd Kross then The Jeanies will be in your wheelhouse. I just keep spinning this track again and again!

The Jeanies Bandcamp

satellite-go Satellite Go
Wilmington, Delaware

Melodic punk rock! If you are into it then Wilmington’s Satellite Go should be on your speakers. It is this type of fever that always brings me hope that more people will fall back in with this genre. Tight songs, tight drums, tight guitars – enough said – rock out with Satellite Go!

Satellite Go Bandcamp

love-dimension The Love Dimension
San Francisco, California

San Francisco musical collective The Love Dimension has a bit of it all in their sound from the psychedelic ’60s to ’90s grunge with plenty of surf rock to bridge the two. On their new EP, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum, the band shoots out of every track like a surfer’s barrel and never seems to let up as most of the five tracks stay in the 2 to 3-minute range. The Love Dimension bring a classy golden era of rock forward here that should be for fans ranging from Beach Boys to Dick Dale to La Luz.

The Love Dimension Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Thomas Wilde

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 32

I don’t think you can deny that this edition of our Bandcamp feature brings the summer heat. We have a new project from Black Joe Lewis, dark surf blues from Dublin, heavy drum-bass from Brazil, bedroom pop from Brooklyn, folk-rock out of Michigan and good classic twang from Baltimore. As always – Discover, Support & Share!

silhouette-era The Silhouette Era
San Francisco, California

The Silhouette Era practically defines Northern California’s own brand of surf pop. Although I know what you are thinking, The Silhouette Era do not bring the sun but capture the cool mornings and the endless grey sky over the ocean. This track shows promise and should lead to more smooth tracks from the group. The band celebrated the single’s release back in May and currently can be seen playing live in San Francisco.

The Silhouette Era Bandcamp

night-school Night School
Oakland, California

Night School was formed through a friendship bond over sharing oranges at the park. They began working on songs in the vein of 60’s bands such as The Crystals, The Shirelles and The Shangri-las with heavy distortion and reverb on guitars. Night School have already shared the stage with acts such as Best Coast, Whirr and Creepoid in 2015. Their debut full-length, Blush, just came out this month and finds the band hitting the stage over the summer. I think if you like bands like La Luz and Dum Dum Girls then Night School will be up your alley.

Night School Bandcamp

snakes Snakes
Baltimore, Maryland

Snakes is made up of a trio of friends from Baltimore, Maryland. The group’s self-titled debut, was written, recorded, and performed DIY by the band at their home which gives their raw alt country its grit. It has this cool spaghetti western vibe that sounds like Ennio Morricone working with Sixteen Horsepower for a new Tarantino movie. Yeah – Snakes have that kind of groove and it is addicting.

Snakes Bandcamp

black-temple-shrines Black Temple Shrines
Dublin, Ireland

Hailing from the shores of Dublin, Ireland, this band mixes soul with dark surf blues and spit out something all their own. There is a good chance Black Temple Shrines made a deal with the devil with their surfboards in hand. Available from Greenway Records on glorious 10″ vinyl and limited to 150 copies for sale, this record could easily become a collector’s item. Enjoy the heat and grind with songs like “Freakout,” “Death Rattle,” and “My Baby’s Dead.” You won’t be disappointed!

Black Temple Shrines Bandcamp

joe-jacksons The Joe Jacksons
Austin, TX

Holy crap Texas! The Joe Jacksons are a rock ‘n’ roll collaboration between Black Joe Lewis and Weary Boys Mario Matteoli. Right now they only have this single with each person on lead but let’s hope this recording spawns a LP. The Joe Jacksons are just honest to goodness fun with raw talent that leaves everything on the stage and you rushing up to the front wanting more! You should also scamper over and snag their first 7″ which is limited to 300 copies.

The Joe Jacksons Bandcamp

elroy-meltzer Elroy Meltzer

Elroy Meltzer recently recorded a daytrotter session and since forming last October has played over 100 shows to date. That should give you some idea that band is building some hype which gets even bigger with the release of their debut album Hang A Tale. The group has supported Sonny & the Sunsets, the David Mayfield Parade, Paleface and Alex Bleeker & the Freaks with their engaging folk-rock approach.

Elroy Meltzer Bandcamp

New York, New York

Sometimes you just need to raise your fist in the air and embrace the big rock sound. New York’s The Killing Floor is one of those bands that gives off visceral vocal power with its melodies to get you to the party. The band has been drawing comparisons to acts like Queens of The Stone Age and Muse with their new Tongue Tied EP that is due out August 19 via Outright Rock Records. You can check out their single today.

The Killing Floor Bandcamp

giant-gutter-from-outer-space Giant Gutter From Outer Space
Curitiba, Brazil

I love when bands reach out and hit us with something this heavy all the way from Brazil! Giant Gutter From Outer Space bring 40 minutes of terrorizing and mesmerizing bass-and-drum compositions that will shake your speakers. From the name of the record, Black Bile, to the longer compositions GGFOS won’t be for everyone with their instrumental slaying but it really turns out to be a fantastic put on and play record. Completely different!

Giant Gutter From Outer Space Bandcamp

hockey-dad Hockey Dad
Windang, Australia

Seems like lately, TFN has been a sucker for everything Australia. Windang’s Hockey Dad is no different with their debut album Boronia set to release on August 12th via Kanine Records. The band consists of duo Zach Stephenson (guitars/vocals) and Billy Fleming (drums) which have been best friends since age 4. This connection drives the good times telling tales of beaches and babes with a youthful energy of surf and pop that gets catchier every time you hear it.

Hockey Dad Bandcamp

bellows Bellows
Brooklyn, New York

Bellows is the bedroom-recording project of songwriter and producer Oliver Kalb. One listen to the soft indie jangle output of Bellows and I think you will be hooked. If you are familiar with Bellows earlier work, you should know that the solo recording experiment has now turned into a large-scale rock band. Bellows’ upcoming third album, Fist & Palm, experiments with aggressive sequenced drums and electronic sounds, mixed in with ear turning pop. Fist & Palm will be released on September 30th via one of our new favorite labels – Double Double Whammy.

Bellows Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Thomas Wilde

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 31

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – March/April 2016 Edition

Time is flying and it seems like TFN has less of it. You may have noticed we missed our March edition so here is the combined March/April Bandcamp feature to get us back on track! For this issue, we have one man from Brazil, ambient music from Denver, 60’s inspired rock out of Leeds, indie rock from Salem and upbeat pop rock out of San Fran. As always enjoy and Discover, Support & Share!

murlocs The Murlocs
Melbourne, Australia

The Murlocs will be opening for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard on their American tour and for good reason too. The Murlocs take a fun, pleasant brand of soulful RnB mixed with light psych for a very enjoyable experience. I’ll be seeing them along with King Gizz on May 7th and based on what I’ve herd I’m just as excited for The Murlocs.

The Murlocs Bandcamp

chives Chives
Indianapolis, Indiana

Why not keep with a theme. Also on the May 7th bill Indiana’s Chives takes experimental to a fun level. Self-proclaimed as mental rock n roll, Chives also finds time to work in discotech and krautrock stylings. After that night it’s going to be hard to leave the venue sane. Chives will easily help.

Chives Bandcamp

erudite-stoner Erudite Stoner

A one man monolith, Erudite Stoner takes influences of post-rock, shoegaze, and doom played in a classical style. It really has to be heard to be believed. Do yourself a favor and take a listen.

Erudite Stoner Bandcamp

superteen Superteen
Salem, Massachusetts

Isn’t a Person showcases some intense and varied indie rock from Salem-based Superteen. They have a vibe like a hybrid of Sonic Youth meets Polvo. Their tracks meander about in a drone-like state of indie rock chill and then slowly and patiently build up to a sweet release of sonic explosion. “Oh Baby” is a perfect example of this; 7 minutes of lovely build up and seamless transitions all culminating in a fantastic end. The entire album has just the right amount of psychedelic flourishes to keep your head spinning.

Superteen Bandcamp

usa-nails USA Nails
London, England

UK’s USA Nails newest LP, No Pleasure is all pleasure for fans of rough and heavy music. If you like pounding, abrasive kraut-rock in the vein of Future of the Left, you will most certainly enjoy this heavy hitting album. If I would have heard this last year, No Pleasure would have been a top 10 LP for me. All the tracks are good, not a dud in the bunch. If you need some aggression in your life, pick this up now!

USA Nails Bandcamp

mind-meld Mind Meld
Los Angeles, California

Hailing from the vast sprawl of Los Angeles, Mind Meld had some buzz in 2015. Their brand of heavy garage-psych is fully-realized and ready for maximum volume. Hooks, sweat and bottled up LA traffic rage can be heard on their new 7″ which is a split release between Permanent and Mock Records.

Mind Meld Bandcamp

the-see-no-evils-inner-voices The See No Evils
Leeds, England

The debut album from Leeds 4 piece The See No Evils is a fun twelve tracks which is rooted in a 60’s pop/garage sound, with a modern twist. It is another solid release from Heavy Soul records as this is their niche genre! Foot tapping, sing along and rowdy tight songs is what you get here with The See No Evils along with some killer driving guitars – it is all you really need!

The See No Evils Bandcamp

memorybell Memorybell
Denver, Colorado

Memorybell is something you will almost never hear on TFN. It is the ambient project from classically trained pianist Grant Hazard Outerbridge. He created this in a single sitting with a grand piano and two microphones. Outerbridge also has an interesting story. In February 2014, he awoke in a hospital with no memory of how he had arrived. He was diagnosed with transient global amnesia and from there just started new with the results being his full length Obsolete that will be out June 2nd.

Memorybell Bandcamp

psychic-teens Psychic Teens
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NERVE is the third full length from Psychic Teens and continues the progression of the band. Their dark Goth sound is completely different from most things you hear today and rises up from the underground. The album centers on isolationism and anger towards one’s inability to exist amongst and relate to other people so it is not the record of choice to pick you up but contains tons of post-punk to rattle your speakers. The album is out May 13 so check them out.

Psychic Teens Bandcamp

y-axes The Y Axes
San Francisco, California

Always like to include a solid indie-pop-rocker in the list and San Fran’s The Y Axes fill the void. Their new single, “Patch Me Up,” has the perfect vibe and just has a nice ring. The Y Axes have been gaining some local momentum and soon will be opening for The Thermals’ upcoming performance at The Chapel in San Francisco. With several singles under their belt and a good sound, The Y Axes will be worth following to see how they progress.

The Y Axes Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony, Thomas Wilde, Christopher Tahy and Daniel Taylor

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support, Share – Volume 30

It is still cold out but 2016 is rolling. Rolling so much that our February Bandcamp edition features some of last years missed gems, metal from Oakland, a great voice out of Seattle, and a singer/songwriter you should get to know down South. We shouldn’t have to remind you but here you go – Discover, Support & Share!

distractor Distractor
Costa Mesa, California

Devotion is a fun album to dig into. At first, I thought it was just a joke and was so bad that it was good. A month later, I am still listening to it. It burrows into brain and lays its eggs there. Distractor have a sound similar to Devo’s brand of synth-pop (especially on the opening track, “Dig Dug”), but as the album goes on, Distractor reminds of a bizarre blend of Devo covering Wesley Willis tunes with Ween and Tiny Tim on guest vocals. It is odd, but I found it to be refreshing and fell in love with it.

Distractor Bandcamp

alex-calder Alex Calder
Montreal, Canada

Mold Boy is a woozy and trippy lo-fi rock delight. Fans of Ween, Mac DeMarco, Jackson Scott, and Youth Lagoon will enjoy this album immensely. Alex Calder creates some wonderful psychedelic moments on Mold Boy. Tracks like “Disease Freak” and “Carlito” just jump into your ears and beg you to spend some time with them. If you need an album to go with your THC and headphones, look no further. Pick this one up now.

Alex Calder Bandcamp

kbc Kansas Bible Company
Nashville, Tennessee

Not something that you see every day and it couldn’t be more exciting. Kansas Bible Company is an interesting, seven-piece collective that drives for funk, rock, psych, soul, and surf. What’s their secret? The band has a brass section that brings a new layer of intrigue. From what I’ve head, there’s no reason not to be excited for their upcoming record, Paper Moon.

Kansas Bible Company Bandcamp

mondo-drag Mondo Drag
Oakland, California

I’ve criticized a lot of band for being too on the nose lately. But with Oakland’s Mondo Drag it’s a familiarity that I can get behind. Drawing from psychedelics and 70’s metal- particularly close to the Deep Purple and King Crimson vein- Mondo Drag has a driving energy and heavy hooks that might just give you a contact high. Their new LP The Occultation Of Light drops on Friday, I’ll be sure to give you my opinion.

Mondo Drag Bandcamp

gills The Gills
Nashville, Tennessee

Frontman Jesse Wheeler beats cancer and decides that he’d always wanted to chase his dream of having a rock n’ roll band-of course I’m shortening it a bit. The rest as they say is history and The Gills are now tearing up the Nashville music scene. “Lemonade” is an infectious tune that’s not comfortable with convention. While it has a punk attitude with a Strokes filter, it has the pop sensibilities of Phoenix, and something different all together. The Gills first full length will be hitting sometime this year.

The Gills Bandcamp

clearance Clearance
Chicago, Illinois

Hearing this band for the first time this month really pissed me off because their album, Rapid Rewards, would have made my top 20 last year for sure. That is why I am taking the time to make sure you don’t miss them. To the musical and vocal note there is no hiding that Clearance is Pavement through and through. They would be the perfect cover band if that was their thing but lucky for us it is not. Their songs are fresh slacker rock that is a win-win from start to finish – check them out!

Clearance Bandcamp

deep-sea-diver Deep Sea Diver
Seattle, Washington

Deep Sea Diver deliberately move you from rock experimentation to dreamy soundscapes with the driving force being Jessica Dobson’s voice. What makes Secrets a strong record is its ability to switch and turn on a beat, drum or groove while still remaining completely cohesive. If you are over at their Bandcamp page and want more from the band the vinyl includes their Always Waiting EP on side D. Deep Sea Diver has many moving parts but once you are hooked on Dobson’s vocals there is no turning back.

Deep Sea Diver Bandcamp

wanderwild WANDERWILD
Athens, Georgia

WANDERWILD is the project of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Martin. An Athens, GA music veteran, he has played and produced for numerous Athens bands such as Dana Swimmer, Uncle Dad, and White Violet. His debut EP, Fleeting, lets him spread his own wings that has a Death Cab meets Bon Iver vibe going on that works. The EP is out March 25th and there is only one track on Bandcamp but you can find another new song at his Facebook page HERE.


sam-beam-jesca-hoop Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop
North Carolina

Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam has found a perfect voice in Jesca Hoop to counter his soft folk. Can this album really be bad? Probably not. Love Letter for Fire is out on Sub Pop April 15th but you can jump right into the project on Beam and Hoop’s Bandcamp page. If you are a Beam fan this recording will be a no-brainer.

Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop Bandcamp

gozilla Go!Zilla
Firenze, Italy

This Italian band is hitting US shores for a tour starting in March. Their record, Sinking In Your Sea came out almost a year ago but after you hear a little bit of Go!Zilla’s combination of ’90s grunge, garage and surf tunes from the ’60s, with a large punk attitude that tops it off – you won’t care. The grinding rock will take you back but also fits in with much of the garage revival that has been going on now making Go!Zilla a perfect fit for today.

Go!Zilla Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Tahy, Thomas Wilde, Daniel Taylor and Christopher Anthony

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 29

A new year always brings excitement of what is to come and so far the 2016 music scene is starting to heat up. This Bandcamp edition has plenty of anticipation within as TFN has featured bedroom pop from Philly, 90’s influenced indie tunes out of New York, shoegaze vibes from Austin, Australian heavy rock, ambient and drone-electronics courtesy of LA and a French heavy outfit. If you like what you hear make sure you – Discover, Support & Share!

woodlands The Woodlands
San Luis Obispo, California

If you have heard Parallels Vol. I from The Woodlands and Samuel Robertson’s other project, Quiet Arrows, then Volume II should be a no-brainer. If this is your introduction, then you should enjoy this sparse and stripped-down second round of alternate and reinvented versions of songs from the group’s previous albums. This album shows a different side of The Woodlands but not only can the songs stand alone but they should have you wanting to look back for more.

The Woodlands Bandcamp

cherry Cherry
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cherry is the new bedroom-pop project from Russell Edling (ex-Kite Party). The band’s debut full-length is coming late 2016 but you can check out the Gloom EP come February 19th. The group has a very Yo La Tengo vibe going on here and finds the track “Alligators” just floating along. The songs were recorded to an 8-track tape machine which gives them an intimate quality that you don’t find with other methods. This EP sets the stage and does its job as we look ahead with anticipation of the LP.

Cherry Bandcamp

dead-stars Dead Stars
New York, New York

Brooklyn-based Dead Stars flex their 90’s-influenced indie rock muscles all over their new sophomore record Bright Colors, which is due out March 4th. Catchy laid back guitar riffs, big amp moments and plenty of back-n-forth tempos works well for Dead Stars and give a memorable edge. I think you will definitely hear more from these guys as spring hits by why wait – get onboard now!

Dead Stars Bandcamp

royal chant Royal Chant
Sydney, Australia

Found this talented Aussie band by searching for bands that used Guided By Voices in their tags. They do bear some semblance to the Dayton legends. Royal Chant have a knack for the more heavy side of GBV, with a bit more punk thrown in for good measure. A very pleasant discovery for sure. They have 17 releases listed on Bandcamp. Might make for a good time for fans of catchy, heavy rock. Dig in and enjoy!

Royal Chant Bandcamp

rat fist Rat Fist
Los Angeles, California

Members of No Age and Pissed Jeans formed this LA-based outfit, Rat Fist. The marriage of No Age’s lo-fi rock with Pissed Jeans noise sensibilities makes for a very interesting and spot on debut for Rat Fist. A nice balance of noise and catchy pop-punk hooks that will remind listeners of Black Flag. Goes great with a 6-pack! Get this now!

Rat Fist Bandcamp

sunwatchers Sunwatchers
New York, New York

While NPR brought these guys to my attention, and they have their debut being released by Castle Face Records on March 11th. Sunwatchers is a New York freak-punk, jazz-infused, drone band that has to be heard to be believed. To give just a hint I’ll list their instrument classifications: Yawning Earth, Screeching Firmament, and Swirling Magic Murk.

Sunwatchers Bandcamp

black-queen The Black Queen
Los Angeles, California

The Black Queen is a group that projects what the future sounds like in the 80’s. An ambient, drone, and electronic group. Shearing ties with Joshua Eustis (Nine Inch Nails, Puscifer) The Black Queen filters synths and drone through a dystopian, dark future. The album just dropped and you can expect a review sometime next week.

The Black Queen Bandcamp

mars-red-sky Mars Red Sky
Bordeaux, France

Brooding and spacey, it wouldn’t be a band camp list if I didn’t include some sort of doom/sludge project. Mars Red Sky is a band that speaks to me because as soon as you locate their bio, band names like SLEEP, Black Sabbath, Acid King, and Electric Wizard come up. Mars Red Sky is an atmospheric and heavy outfit that has a new EP out and is currently working on a new full-length that seems primed to impress.

Mars Red Sky Bandcamp

pet-sun Pet Sun
Ontario, Canada

Pet Sun’s new record is coming in the spring but their brand of “doom laden garage rock” can be found on their recent three song EP currently available on their Bandcamp page. The group grinds and has plenty of reminders that grunge never really went away and still has an influence on new groups. The opening 6 minute grinder especially gets me excited for what is to come as Pet Sun is gritty, complex and has the ability to simply explode!

Pet Sun Bandcamp

magnet-school Magnet School
Austin, Texas

Here is a band that has been floating around the Austin scene for a while but has never really broke out even though they have shared the stage with some great names. The group has just released their sophomore record today and their shoegaze meets noise-rock approach will surely grab your ear (it did ours)! If you are looking for some solid sounding indie rock Magnet School should meet your needs.

Magnet School Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony, Daniel Taylor and Christopher Tahy

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 28

This November feature is a nice wrap up to our 2015 Bandcamp highlights as we will be joyously on break in December. This month finds synthesizers from Poland, a solo record from the lead singer of SPORTS, punk from the UK, an all-female rock band from Madrid, slacker rock from Australia and siren vocals from Texas. Don’t forget – Discover, Support & Share!

germany-germany Germany Germany
British Columbia, Canada

Germany Germany is the electronic music moniker of Canadian Drew Harris. Harris has collaborated with artists such as Brothertiger, Steffaloo, and Arrange throughout his catalog that spans nine albums in just over five years. Harris’ blends elements of pop, dance, electro and ambient melodies to create a moving experience. Germany Germany performs as a four-piece live which I believe helps give their grooves a more organic feel that you can hear on the record.

Germany Germany Bandcamp

mr-gnome mr. Gnome
Cleveland, Ohio

Vocalist/guitarist Nicole Barille and drummer/pianist Sam Meister are mr. Gnome and they successfully combine a psychedelic haze with edgy blues for a great listen out of Northern Ohio. Their current Bandcamp offering features two B-sides releases that were previously unreleased tracks from the sessions of their excellent 2014 record The Heart of a Dark Star.

mr. Gnome Bandcamp

spook-school The Spook School
Edinburgh, UK

The Spook School are Anna Cory (bass and vocals), Adam Todd (guitar and vocals), Nye Todd (guitar and vocals) and Niall McCamley (drums). They are involved with the DIY queer punk scene and list some of their influences as being the Buzzcocks, T-Rex and the noisier end of C86. You can hear this comparison as the group has a classic snarl and attitude to their music but you definitely will not think they are old school. The track “Binary” is a good example with its energetic bounce that will remind you some of The Thermals.

The Spook School Bandcamp

naytronix Naytronix
Oakland, California

Naytronix is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Nate Brenner who spent much of the past four years touring the world as bassist for tUnE-yArDs. He just released his sophomore album, Mister Divine, on City Slang and just completed a tour supporting the record. His music has a nice beat and depth to it so don’t pass on Naytronix thinking it will only be bass and beats. He has plenty of talented musicians helping him out on the record so it is not just a one man show and feels more Broken Bells than Chemical Brothers.

Naytronix Bandcamp

tiny-fireflies Tiny Fireflies
Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s duo Tiny Fireflies just recently released the nine track synth-pop floater of an album, The Space Between. The group has a very Beach House vibe with a bit more emphasis on the synthesizer but that mellow soft flow will sound familiar. Kristine Capua’s voice has that type of quality to it that makes her siren vocals hard to turn off. It is this warming atmosphere that makes Tiny Fireflies worth your attention as they make you feel like you have been listening for years!

Tiny Fireflies Bandcamp
braves Braves
Perth, Australia

Australian surf-punk group Braves have shared their newest singles, “Get It Right” and “Dropout”, over at their Bandcamp page. Both songs are filled with huge riffs, hooks and plenty of call outs. This is easy catchy slacker rock at its best and for sure should put Braves on the map in 2016 when we hopefully see a full length!

Braves Bandcamp

hinds Hinds
Madrid, Spain

With a debut album due out in January, Hinds should be a band you add to your radar list. The all-female group has a little bit of Ty Segall, Black Lips, La Luz, Phil Spector and The Shirelles all wrapped in one tight musical package. They are young, fun and full of energy which Madrid already knows and the rest of the world is soon to find out!

Hinds Bandcamp

coldair Coldair
Warsaw, Poland

25-year-old singer, producer and classically-trained instrumentalist Tobiasz Bilinski has been releasing music under the DIY tag since he was 16. “Denounce” is from Coldair’s upcoming album, The Provider, which will be released on January 15, 2016 through Bilinski’s own label, Twelves Records, but he is also working with Sub Pop for publishing and digital distribution. He recorded the LP with Jeff Zeigler (War On Drugs, Kurt Vile) and you will see Coldair making some waves in 2016 if the rest of the record has the same moving pulse.

Coldair Bandcamp

cross-record Cross Record
Austin, Texas

“Fix My Gaze” is just a quick sample of the vocal talent you get with Cross Record. Also known as Emily Cross, Cross Record is preparing for a larger audience as their forthcoming album Wabi-Sabi, is out January 29th via Ba Da Bing Records. Her very sleek and solid voice drives Cross Record and for sure will win over fans one by one. Cross Record’s Bandcamp page track was released back in April but you can hear some of her forthcoming work HERE.

Cross Record Bandcamp


addie-pray Addie Pray
Gambier, Ohio

It was a no-brainer to jump into this record from songwriter/vocalist Carmen Perry of SPORTS (which released the Headphone Approved All Of Something a month ago). Screentime was written and recorded from 2013-2015 and covers a range of familiar themes. The overall sound is consistent with a more subdued early Liz Phair but with the modern laid back flair of Waxahatchee and Courtney Barnett. This record showcases the strength of Perry as Addie Pray does not sound or play like a side project.

Addie Pray Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Thomas Wilde

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 27

How about some new music? The October Bandcamp feature should provide what you need. This month we have some hardcore from Memphis, pop-punk from Canada, dream-pop out of Ohio, breezy tunes from the West Coast and several groups from New York that are sure to rock you! Discover, Support & Share!

marriage Marriage + Cancer
Portland, Oregon

Marriage + Cancer (formerly Nucular Aminals,) are releasing a new 7”, Killjoy, on Sept 5. If you were a fan of their former band, then these two tracks on the 7” are essential stuff. Marriage + Cancer offer a more dour version of their past sound. Tense and foreboding. A little heavier than what I was expecting, but still extremely catchy. Robert Komets’ laconic yet unaffected vocals and the band’s strangely unique sound carry over from Nucular Aminals, but this new stuff is a little less pop and a lot more serious. Support this band!

Marriage + Cancer Bandcamp

other-body Other Body
Miami, Florida

Other Body are a psychedelic experimental rock band. Dark and sinister, kind of like The Wytches mixed with BRMC and The Warlocks. Intriguing and heavy on fuzz and buzz, just the way I like it. All three tracks on this release are interesting and make me want to hear more from Other Body. Give them a listen if you want something heavy for your ears.

Other Body Bandcamp

tess-dave Tess & Dave
Long Beach, California

Indie rock band Tess and Dave have a pleasing warm 70’s sound that is hard not to like. You may know David Vandervelde as he had a solo record out on Secretly Canadian as well as collaborated with Wilco’s Jay Bennett. Tess & Dave adds a female vocal into the mix and recently opened for Father John Misty on several dates. Only three songs are available on the Bandcamp page but it sums up their sound. I definitely would like to hear a full length soon.

Tess & Dave Bandcamp

sixteen Sixteen Scandals
Toronto, Canada

Sixteen Scandals have a new full length record titled Create & Destroy, set for release December 4th but you can currently check out their new single “Don’t Call Me Shirley” at their Bandcamp page. I am always a sucker for some upbeat pop-punk and this band has that youthful spirit. Sixteen Scandals say they didn’t write a bunch of songs to get rich but to just play them in sweaty little clubs. We are game!

Sixteen Scandals Bandcamp

heavensbee Heavensbee
New York, New York

New York’s brand new “dub-pop” trio Heavensbee is comprised of members with deep roots in the NYC ska scene: Roger Apollon, Jr., Marc Wasserman, and Meg Howe. The songs on Soul Mates build on this history and combine ska (The Specials), 80’s new wave (Depeche Mode, Human League) and indie rock (Lana Del Ray, the xx). This combo makes for a different listen that stands out in a sea of Bandcamp pages.

Heavensbee Bandcamp

moira Moira
Dayton, Ohio

Dream-pop from Ohio? Yes that is right – the Gem City has no limits in its quality indie offerings. Three piece Moira have an excellent new EP titled Asleep/Repeat/Awake that was just released on October 20th. The siren vocals of Alicia Grodecki leads this debut and cuts like a knife as the former Vanity Theft member has flipped her previous indie pop direction for haunting waves of melody and hypnotic piano that will for sure leave you wanting more!

Moira Bandcamp

greysace Greyscale
Memphis, Tennessee

How about a little hardcore from the South. If this is your thing then Memphis’ Greyscale could be your lucky discovery today. Their new record, Limn Everything, has an excellent mix of power and restraint. These type of emo/hardcore bands can sometimes be too much in your face where you can’t understand a thing. Greyscale is not that at all, as their music can be very controlled and moody at one moment and then explode all over the next.

Greyscale Bandcamp

hiccup Hiccup
New York, New York

You can now grab Hiccup’s debut release on a limited edition cassette, which features “Fuckup” and “Whatevs, It’s Cool”. Hiccup combines pop melodies with vocal harmonies and a buzzsaw distortion plus is on one of our favorite labels Father/Daughter Records. What more do we need to say – jump on this bandwagon now!

Hiccup Bandcamp

summer-twins Summer Twins
Riverside, California

Summer Twins is fronted by sisters Chelsea and Justine Browntogether and the band plays a combination of modern pop, ‘50’s sock hop melodies, wild ‘60’s garage rock which are all topped with dreamy harmonies. This album is so California which is why we love it as it does not take long for songs to stick in your head! The record was produced by Chris Woodhouse (Ty Segall, Wand, Thee Oh Sees) which definitely pushes it up another level.

Summer Twins Bandcamp


haybaby Haybaby
Brooklyn, New York

This record is right in my wheelhouse. Its Breeders meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs vibe goes a long way as the three piece knows when to push the pedal to the floor. The gritty undertone of their guitars drives the band’s debut Sleepy Kids and keeps listeners waiting for the next move. The record is out on Tiny Engines today so don’t wait – grab a copy now!

Haybaby Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony, Thomas Wilde and Daniel Taylor

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 26

The September Bandcamp feature is here! This month you get garage from France, punk from New York, 90’s dream-pop out of Omaha, Michigan’s own West coast psych rock and folk from England! Just do it – Discover, Support & Share!

palehound Palehound
Brooklyn, New York

Palehound will stoke your 90’s era indie rock fire back into a roaring blaze. Dry Food is an excellent slanted and disjointed bit of jangle rock. If you are fans of Speedy Ortiz and Joanna Gruesome, this record will fit in nicely with your collection. The album starts with a bang with the rocker “Molly,” but settles into a bit more mellow, melodic, and nuanced record over the remaining seven tracks.

Palehound Bandcamp

christian-fitness Christian Fitness
Cardiff, UK

Andrew Falkous of Mclusky and Future of the Left fame gives us 10 tracks of heavy and lethal post punk rock. Love Letters in the Age of Steam is his second release under the Christian Fitness moniker. I do not care what he calls himself, he is one of the more creative, and entertaining artists in the UK and this LP does not disappoint. It is a sarcastic, snarky and vicious and a great listen from beginning to end. Get this album!

Christian Fitness Bandcamp

see-through-darkness See Through Dresses
Omaha, Nebraska

Fresh off tour dates with Cursive and Beach Slang earlier this year, See Through Dresses have already made a name for themselves on the indie circuit. They have a new 6-song EP coming out October 23 and after checking out their Bandcamp sample I think you are going to be onboard. Their 90’s dream-pop and shoegaze style blast and build to big satisfying finishes. It is great to hear this sound still thriving as See Through Dresses remind you of great alt days in the past but still feels very 2015.

See Through Dresses Bandcamp

look-vibrant Look Vibrant
Montreal, Canada

Montreal-based indie pop and art rock group Look Vibrant have released multiple singles and have just released their first EP, Only Qualms. Their style of electro-pop is fresh and energetic which should bring plenty of listeners into the fold. What I like about Look Vibrant is that they don’t overdue the sugar, which for some of these bands is an Achilles heel – not here as Look Vibrant hold to their group name!

Look Vibrant Bandcamp

Annandale On Hudson, New York

The queer punk duo PWR BTTM have just released their album debut, Ugly Cherries. The group reminds me of 90’s standout Pansy Division with their honest approach to their song subjects. PWR BTTM is not as “punk” as you might think as plenty of tracks on Ugly Cherries have a much more building rock vibe to them like a Tim Kasher project. It is a band that could easily scare people with their labeled genre but give them a shot – you will let any bias quickly fly by.

PWR BTTM Bandcamp

sm-wolf S.M. Wolf
Indianapolis, Indiana

I always seem to gravitate towards a band like S.M. Wolf but they have earned it. Big sprawling vocals and guitar with some indie flash weirdness. Yep – sounds about right as their debut, Neon Debris, is out November 7th via joint labels Jurassic Pop and In Store Recordings. Enjoy the first track “We All Decided No” now!

S.M. Wolf Bandcamp

crooked-weather Crooked Weather
East Yorkshire, England

Crooked Weather play earthy, unruly and original folk songs. The group has solid lyrics and a memorable delivery by members Holly and Will. A band like this can go either way sometimes but Crooked Weather hold onto you with their catchy harmonies which mesmerize your ear and leave you wanting more. Their sophomore album, Long Garden, is due out October 16th.

Crooked Weather Bandcamp

heaters Heaters
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Heaters is a band up The Fire Note’s alley with their spacey take on West Coast psych rock. This group will swing you through ‘60s garage as they build their own wall of classic floating sounds. Plenty of reverb and fuzz – what more do you need – nothing we say – just Heaters!

Heaters Bandcamp

baston Baston
Rennes, France

I know when you think France you don’t think psychedelic garage but that is exactly what you get from Baston. The band has that simmering surf vibe that draws you into their world. The group also delivers a nice mix as they can rock out a hard garage 3 minutes or an almost 7 minute number that moves into shoegaze territory. We highlighted Howlin’ Banana Records before but you really should check this label out as they have plenty of new quality music to keep you busy!

Baston Bandcamp


hectorina Hectorina
Charlotte, North Carolina

Hectorina have a chameleon of sounds on their just released self-titled third album. At some point you will hear a soulful Walkmen vibe and at others a Jack White howl. Regardless of the style, Hectorina have put together an entertaining record that plays big and gets more addicting with repeat listens.

Hectorina Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Daniel Taylor

Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 25

bandcamp august 15
Summer is winding down but the great music keeps on rolling. Our August Bandcamp features a group from Siberia, several artists from sunny California, lo-fi from Philly, siren vocals from Greece and some dark mood music out of Virginia. As always – Discover, Support & Share!

mercury tree The Mercury Tree
Portland, Oregon

Portland math rock/post rock band The Mercury Tree differ from their brethren in two critical ways: first of all they actually sing and second, they incorporate a healthy dose of jazz fusion to their songs. On their latest LP, Countenance, the band takes all that is right with these genres and mixes them up into a breathtaking whole. Melodic and mesmerizing I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before now. Highly recommended.

The Mercury Tree Bandcamp

so-far-as-i-know So Far As I Know
город Новосибирск, Russian Federation

Novosibirsk, Siberia is an unlikely location for a progressive metal band of this quality to be found but lo and behold – here they are. Sounding like an all-instrumental cousin to Sweden’s legendary Opeth, It’s probably a good thing they don’t sing as I don’t know if a Russian speaking lead singer would add much, except to recall, perhaps that scene in Clerks where Jay and Silent Bob get their friend Olaf to perform “Berserker” in front of the convenience store.

So Far As I Know Bandcamp

barock-project Barock Project
Modena, Italy

This Italian band’s name is apparently a play on “baroque” and that’s kinda weak. What’s not weak is the music these guys produce. As one of the few Italian bands that can actually handle singing in English, Barock Project has been getting a lot of attention within the Prog community of late. And rightly so. Their songs are accessible yet highly stylized. Complex and still compelling, Skyline is a terrific album that moves from strength to strength with remarkable ease.

Barock Project Bandcamp

swimm SWIMM
Los Angeles, California

Psych-pop duo, SWIMM, have a new sophomore effort EP out titled, Beverly Hells. The six song offering is full of indie rock with sweeping guitars, rhythms and big hooks. Those are exactly the qualities that always pull me into a record. SWIMM do not disappoint and this EP is a nice setup for a full length hopefully in 2016.

SWIMM Bandcamp

Keep-Shelly-In-Athens Keep Shelly In Athens
Athens, Greece

Greek act Keep Shelly In Athens have been known on the indie scene internationally for the last decade but are now coming stateside with their sophomore record Now I’m Ready, which is due out October 16th. What you will hear is lead singer Myrtha’s unmistakable lush crescendos with the group’s mature breaking waves type of momentum. It is electro-pop at its finest and Now I’m Ready will be a perfect listen for the crisp fall days ahead.

Keep Shelly In Athens Bandcamp

quiet-arrows Quiet Arrows
San Luis Obispo, California

How many of our readers are suckers for the soft indie strumming of artists like Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver and Eric Matthews. That similar style is what you get with Quiet Arrows and Samuel Robertson’s approach to songwriting. His new record, Year Of The Cartographer, is full of warm tracks that are both thoughtful and memorable. Watch out – Quiet Arrows may be one of your new favorites!

Quiet Arrows Bandcamp

wild-moth Wild Moth
San Francisco, California

It wouldn’t be a monthly Bandcamp edition if we didn’t give you some new post-punk to crank up. Wild Moth is the band of the hour with their Failure/Hum like rock that was recorded with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor) and Max Senna (Miserable). Their new full length, Inhibitor, finds the band diving in deep with layered guitars and swirling melodic vocals that will hold even the shortest of attention spans. Wild Moth are definitely one of the promising new bands from the Bay Area!

Wild Moth Bandcamp

infinity-girl Infinity Girl
Brooklyn, New York

Shoegaze keeps getting tweaked and Infinity Girl takes all of its spread out bundled energy and compacts it down into bursting sparks. They combine the behind the scenes vocals with fuzzy waves of guitar and pulsing bass riffs for an exciting ride on their new record, Harm. If this muscle type of music is your thing don’t delay and go download Infinity Girl for your collection.

Infinity Girl Bandcamp

shadow-age Shadow Age
Richmond, Virginia

Do you think a darkly melodic brand of goth punk could come from the Mother of States? You would say yes if you are familiar with Richmond’s Shadow Age. The group has a three song debut EP titled Silaluk, which showcases their cohesive approach and flow to music. The just over 10 minutes found on the EP drapes you with a heavy and dark cloud that I swear comes with its own fog and immediately slows down all things around you!

Shadow Age Bandcamp

graham-repulski Graham Repulski
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Graham Repulski is still one of the better unknown lo-fi artists out there. His style should instantly attract a following and with each release the artist becomes more confident and focused on perfecting the delivery. His new record, Success Racist, once again features mastering from Todd Tobias (Circus Devils, Robert Pollard), so if you like short tracks, hazy lo-fi and buried pop catchiness you couldn’t ask for a better fit – Graham Repulski is for you!

Graham Repulski Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Scott Lade

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