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Do you remember the rush you felt at your first concert? What about that feeling the first time you saw your favorite band live? Can you describe the anticipation that sets in when you open a new LP or CD – heck, even waiting on a download?

That feeling and memorable experience is the reason The Fire Note blog started back on April 10, 2006. I wanted to create a simple place that could showcase records that I liked. Nothing more, nothing less. My focus has always been about the album and the experience that a great record creates along with the passion and fire that great music can make you feel. The Fire Note builds on this idea by offering an array of content that is all about the enjoyment of music, its pulse and energizing attitude.

The Fire Note review format works to offer concise reviews, key tracks that highlight the record’s strength and artists that have a similar style. The Fire Note trends towards the positive when it comes to music reviews because I have always believed it is far too easy to tear a record down compared to telling our readers why I really like an album. Quite honestly, if we have nothing decent to say about a record, it probably won’t even make the review page because there is just an overwhelming amount of great music to discover around every corner. We want to help you find it!

Thanks again to our growing daily audience and everyone that has supported The Fire Note from the beginning. I feel that The Fire Note has a unique voice in the current music scene and will consistently offer a different perspective. So once again thank you for reading, feel free to share with your friends, make sure to comment, offer up suggestions and most of all join in on this experience we call The Fire Note.

-Christopher Anthony, Founder

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