Fake Fruit – “Milkman” [Video]

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Bay-area based band Fake Fruit, comprised of Hannah D’Amato (vocals, guitar), Alex Post (guitar), and Miles MacDiarmid (drums), released their debut, self-titled album earlier this year on Rocks In Your Head Records. Fake Fruit is detailed by D’Amato’s range of vocal affectations; acidic and confrontational, withdrawn and unamused, sweet and sorrowful. The arrangements bounce and sway with Post’s chorused guitar jabs, the rolling bass line of Martin Miller (one of their revolving players), and MacDiarmid’s relentlessly energetic drumming. Today, they present a new video for one of its tracks, “Milkman.”

“Milkman” opens with methodical bass and blips of scorching guitar. Post and MacDiarmid’s chanting vocals, “Hot sidewalk // No shade // Milk curdles // With Age,” give way to D’Amato’s punchy voice. The accompanying video, directed by Spooky Orbison, features D’Amato as a guitar playing milkman and Post and MacDiarmid as singing milk bottles. D’Amato elaborates: “‘Milkman’ is about noticing a relationship is far past its expiration date, and realizing that you’re the one that’s going to have to take care of it.”

You can order the album HERE.

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