Death Valley Girls: Under The Spell Of Joy (Silver Wax | 300 Copies)

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Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to offer up Death Valley Girls’ new album Under the Spell of Joy to the world on October 2, 2020 on CD/LP/CS and digital formats. First vinyl pressing is limited to 1500 copies (1200 on gold, 300 on label-exclusive silver). You can grab a copy HERE.

“Under the Spell of Joy is a space-gospel record. We believe we served as channels for what we think are guides. As we learn what the songs are about we realize they are meant to be sang like chants, hymns, or spells. Most of the songs were recorded with 12 voices, including a kids choir! We are learning that words with intention and energy hold so much power, especially when said or sang with a group. “The Universe” is a song to sing, a space to be, a time to think, remember, and truly feel that not only are we all connected, but we are also being guided.”
Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls

Fire Note Staff

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