The Mr. T Experience: MTX Forever [Album Review]

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The Mr. T Experience
MTX Forever
Sounds Rad [2020]

If your were around for the punk rock explosion that was helped along and spotlighted by Green Day in 1994, then you just might know The Mr. T Experience. The band actaully formed in 1985 and has a history that spans over 30 years and eleven studio albums, not to mention countless singles and EPs but their most “popular” records were on staple punk label Lookout! Records and include a trifecta of punk goodness in Love is Dead (1995), Revenge is Sweet, and So are You (1997), and Alcatraz (1999).

MTX Forever is a new collection of “greatest hits” that represents the input from countless friends and fans, so most likely if you had a Mr. T Experience favorite you will probably find it on here. I always liked the MTX approach because they honestly were not the best at anything. They were not the best punk guitar players, they weren’t the best singers or even the best songwriters but damn was their music tight. Every song is simple and straightforward with no gimmicks and only one goal – rock you out! “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba” is easily one of my favorite songs here with a memorable shout out loud along chorus and layered vocal deliveries that stick in your head.

If you like punk rock and have looked back into the extensive Lookout! Records catalog, The Mr. T Experience should be a band on your short list to check out. MTX Forever is a great compilation from front to back that gives you every angle the band had to offer with a nice remastered sound. Songs about girls, breakups, angst and life – what more could you ask for all wrapped up into these punk pop nuggets. Do yourself a musical favor and discover The Mr. T Experience today – they are the perfect punk slice for any moment of the day!

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Sounds Rad

-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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