The C.I.A.: The C.I.A. [Album Review]

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The C.I.A.
The C.I.A.
In The Red [2018]


Who: The C.I.A. was the sixth Ty Segall related album of 2018 and is a collaboration with his wife, Denée Segall, and Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang), a longtime member of his band.

Sound: Denée Segall takes the lead vocal duties here and gives a punk delivery that is similar to Perfect Pussy and the Red Aunts while the music has the speed of Ty’s GØGGS.

TFN Final Take: Ty Segall is always busy and after hearing his wife Denée sing on “Meaning” from Freedom’s Goblin (2018) it was no surprise that The C.I.A. would have a full length. Given that the record is fueled with a pulsing drum machine, The C.I.A. takes a modern turn in sound even though Denée’s hardcore punk vocals keep the album tight and focused. Don’t get too scared because I would not classify it as dance punk by any means but the machine does bring more of a robotic rhythm. For this outing Ty handles the bass and it shows as his playing sometimes has a more dynamic sound than the drums. The 10 songs here move quickly by in 20 minutes and “Power” is almost a fourth of the record itself so that leaves plenty of over 1-minute crunchers to crank up. The C.I.A. is easily probably one of the most un-Ty type of projects because this is clearly Denée’s vehicle. Starting with her fierceness and having the backing talents of Kelly and Ty, The C.I.A. brings you a quick punch to the gut that you will welcome!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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