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The Friday Fire Track: Graham Repulski – “Negative Highlight Reel”

The Friday Fire Track: Graham Repulski – “Negative Highlight Reel”

We love lo-fi around here at The Fire Note and today’s Friday Fire Track is from one of favorite underground indie heroes Graham Repulski. The Philadelphia artist releases a consistently good batch of songs every year and “Negative Highlight Reel” is one of the first in 2018.

The track is from the cassette EP of the same name along with its companion cassette release Permission To Love. 13 songs over 2 limited edition cassettes with unique art.

Just play the track and get onboard already. Graham Repulski should be on everyone’s lo-fi radar and if you were going to have a cassette catalog – this would be one to have. As the song asks “Do you love me anyway?” – the answer is Yes. Enjoy your Friday!

Graham Repulski Bandcamp

Christopher Anthony

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Christopher Anthony

After spending the early 90's managing a record store, the mid to late 90's producing alternative video shows and 00's blogging about the music scene Christopher Anthony is always ready to hear new music.

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