OK Go – “The One Moment” [Video]

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“The One Moment,” OK Go’s new video, is incredibly intricate and elaborate, but it only took one moment to shoot. Directed by OK Go singer Damian Kulash, Jr., “The One Moment” has short periods of real time at the beginning and end, but the bulk of it was captured in a mere 4.2 seconds. During the film, band members create and interact with hundreds of synchronized, high-speed events, choreographed to the cathartic song about the most important moments in life, those moments when everything changes. Coming at this time of great change around the world, the song underscores the opportunity and need for people to step up, step out and make a difference.

If this video would have been released during the MTV days, OK Go would be an unstoppable phenomenon as a band right now just based on the incredible detail within “The One Moment.” Even if you are not a big fan of OK Go or the song, you should check out the video becuase it is a true art.

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