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Not for the Masses…Best of August 2016 Playlist

Not for the Masses…Best of August 2016 Playlist

I have been creating these monthly playlists on my Not for the Masses…profile on Soundcloud for some time now and sharing them in various Facebook music-related group pages. This marks the first time my monthly favorites will appear on The Fire Note!

I try to share the newest stuff, but occasionally something catches my ear that came out a few months ago, but I just have to share it. So just because this is the August list, doesn’t mean all the featured tracks have been released or shared on Soundcloud this month; they are just songs I heard this month.

Got it? Good. Make sure to read the quick descriptions below the playlist – Let’s get started! – by Daniel Taylor

10 Tracks Mined From the Depths of Soundcloud That You Need to Hear

Track 1 –“Sky Chase” by Sleepies: Quirky post-punk rock. Their newest LP is top of my Best of 2016 albums.

Track 2 – “It Before” by Lost Boy?: Ultra-catchy fuzz/power pop. New LP out soon! Available for preorder.

Track 3 – “Burn Barrel” by Spray Paint: Apocalyptic doom punk with catchy beats. Dark stuff but fun.

Track 4 – “Close to the Sun” by Cotton Mather: Cotton is back and it sounds like if The Beatles never quit.

Track 5 – “Bad Boys Die in the Bath” by Christian Fitness: Edgy post rock from creator of Future of the Left.

Track 6 – “Sunrise Alphabet” by Honey Radar: More lo-fi gold from the band that is part GBV and Elephant 6

Track 7 – “Sä Pidät Jäätelöstä” by Joni Ekman: The Finish Eric’s Trip. Good and fuzzy.

Track 8 – “Lauren” by Kaz Mirblouk: Some nice fuzzy jangle rock. From his 1015 EP.

Track 9 – “Attention Ritual” by Ex-Cult: Fantastic, blistering hardcore punk stuff. These guys do punk right.

Track 10 – “Rayguns” by The Peep Tempel: Sharp Aussie punk.

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Daniel Taylor

Photographer/journalist for the U.S. Navy for 26 years. Music fan since forever. Music really hit him in the early 90’s when he heard the Pixies’ Doolittle LP. After that came Pavement and then Guided by Voices. His love for those bands formed his taste in music and he continues to search for that musical “high” today. Married for 18 years and currently lives in Japan.

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