Bandcamp Artists: Discover, Support & Share – Volume 25

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bandcamp august 15
Summer is winding down but the great music keeps on rolling. Our August Bandcamp features a group from Siberia, several artists from sunny California, lo-fi from Philly, siren vocals from Greece and some dark mood music out of Virginia. As always – Discover, Support & Share!

mercury tree The Mercury Tree
Portland, Oregon

Portland math rock/post rock band The Mercury Tree differ from their brethren in two critical ways: first of all they actually sing and second, they incorporate a healthy dose of jazz fusion to their songs. On their latest LP, Countenance, the band takes all that is right with these genres and mixes them up into a breathtaking whole. Melodic and mesmerizing I can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before now. Highly recommended.

The Mercury Tree Bandcamp

so-far-as-i-know So Far As I Know
город Новосибирск, Russian Federation

Novosibirsk, Siberia is an unlikely location for a progressive metal band of this quality to be found but lo and behold – here they are. Sounding like an all-instrumental cousin to Sweden’s legendary Opeth, It’s probably a good thing they don’t sing as I don’t know if a Russian speaking lead singer would add much, except to recall, perhaps that scene in Clerks where Jay and Silent Bob get their friend Olaf to perform “Berserker” in front of the convenience store.

So Far As I Know Bandcamp

barock-project Barock Project
Modena, Italy

This Italian band’s name is apparently a play on “baroque” and that’s kinda weak. What’s not weak is the music these guys produce. As one of the few Italian bands that can actually handle singing in English, Barock Project has been getting a lot of attention within the Prog community of late. And rightly so. Their songs are accessible yet highly stylized. Complex and still compelling, Skyline is a terrific album that moves from strength to strength with remarkable ease.

Barock Project Bandcamp

swimm SWIMM
Los Angeles, California

Psych-pop duo, SWIMM, have a new sophomore effort EP out titled, Beverly Hells. The six song offering is full of indie rock with sweeping guitars, rhythms and big hooks. Those are exactly the qualities that always pull me into a record. SWIMM do not disappoint and this EP is a nice setup for a full length hopefully in 2016.

SWIMM Bandcamp

Keep-Shelly-In-Athens Keep Shelly In Athens
Athens, Greece

Greek act Keep Shelly In Athens have been known on the indie scene internationally for the last decade but are now coming stateside with their sophomore record Now I’m Ready, which is due out October 16th. What you will hear is lead singer Myrtha’s unmistakable lush crescendos with the group’s mature breaking waves type of momentum. It is electro-pop at its finest and Now I’m Ready will be a perfect listen for the crisp fall days ahead.

Keep Shelly In Athens Bandcamp

quiet-arrows Quiet Arrows
San Luis Obispo, California

How many of our readers are suckers for the soft indie strumming of artists like Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver and Eric Matthews. That similar style is what you get with Quiet Arrows and Samuel Robertson’s approach to songwriting. His new record, Year Of The Cartographer, is full of warm tracks that are both thoughtful and memorable. Watch out – Quiet Arrows may be one of your new favorites!

Quiet Arrows Bandcamp

wild-moth Wild Moth
San Francisco, California

It wouldn’t be a monthly Bandcamp edition if we didn’t give you some new post-punk to crank up. Wild Moth is the band of the hour with their Failure/Hum like rock that was recorded with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor) and Max Senna (Miserable). Their new full length, Inhibitor, finds the band diving in deep with layered guitars and swirling melodic vocals that will hold even the shortest of attention spans. Wild Moth are definitely one of the promising new bands from the Bay Area!

Wild Moth Bandcamp

infinity-girl Infinity Girl
Brooklyn, New York

Shoegaze keeps getting tweaked and Infinity Girl takes all of its spread out bundled energy and compacts it down into bursting sparks. They combine the behind the scenes vocals with fuzzy waves of guitar and pulsing bass riffs for an exciting ride on their new record, Harm. If this muscle type of music is your thing don’t delay and go download Infinity Girl for your collection.

Infinity Girl Bandcamp

shadow-age Shadow Age
Richmond, Virginia

Do you think a darkly melodic brand of goth punk could come from the Mother of States? You would say yes if you are familiar with Richmond’s Shadow Age. The group has a three song debut EP titled Silaluk, which showcases their cohesive approach and flow to music. The just over 10 minutes found on the EP drapes you with a heavy and dark cloud that I swear comes with its own fog and immediately slows down all things around you!

Shadow Age Bandcamp

graham-repulski Graham Repulski
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Graham Repulski is still one of the better unknown lo-fi artists out there. His style should instantly attract a following and with each release the artist becomes more confident and focused on perfecting the delivery. His new record, Success Racist, once again features mastering from Todd Tobias (Circus Devils, Robert Pollard), so if you like short tracks, hazy lo-fi and buried pop catchiness you couldn’t ask for a better fit – Graham Repulski is for you!

Graham Repulski Bandcamp

-Feature by Christopher Anthony and Scott Lade

Fire Note Staff

No Museums: “Hum”

Tacocat: “I Can’t Make It On Time” (Ramones Cover)


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