KISS: KISSTERIA – 34 LP Set / Limited to 1000 Box Sets

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So this kind of treatment happens when you are inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Yes, I know it is KISS but it is worthy to note because as a vinyl fan this set is crazy fun right?

The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case, as they are calling it, features thirty-four LPs, featuring nineteen studio albums, five Alive releases and their four solo albums pressed onto audiophile 180g vinyl for the first time since as far back as 1985 for some titles. Also included are six exclusive vinyl albums not available via any other offering.

All the audio has been newly remastered in ultra-high definition DSD (Direct Stream Digital) and that is just the music. Additional bonus items include twelve 11”x17” archival posters including the band’s very first promo poster, KISS vinyl cleaning cloth, KISS turntable mat, KISS dominoes set, four band lithos highlighting four decades of the band and a certificate of authenticity proudly displaying the limited edition number of each boxset.

Here is the best part – It weighs nearly 50 pounds when the road case is fully assembled and ships in two installments because of its massiveness. Sure it costs $1749.99 but this is a box set to just shake your vinyl head at! I would just like to see someone wheel this out and start rocking some “Firehouse!”

If you so indulge or just want to look that this is for real go HERE.

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3 thoughts on “KISS: KISSTERIA – 34 LP Set / Limited to 1000 Box Sets”

  1. Just pick up the first six albums and call it a day. Kiss, Hotter Than Hell, Dressed To Kill, Destroyer, Rock ‘N Roll Over and Love Gun are stupid fun. All the rest are just stupid.

    And those solo albums? Yikes! Horrible. That said, they are deserving of induction in the Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame.

    Here’s who should be next:

    Moody Blues
    Deep Purple
    Judas Priest
    Iron Maiden
    The Cure
    Cheap Trick
    The Smiths
    Jethro Tull
    The Zombies
    Roxy Music

  2. Just a quick question, Dollar Man… Do you ever form your own opinions, or do you simply adopt popular opinion as your own?

    Just because the music KISS released after Love Gun wasn’t as commercially successful as their earlier material, is hardly any reason to write it off as “stupid”. You opinion of their 1978 solo offerings, spare Peter Criss’ offering, is simply wrong. Stanley, Simmons, and especially Frehley, each turned out quality albums. Some expert critics have even stated they view the solo works as being superior to anything the band did collectively.

    I’d also like to mention the fact many consider 1992’s “Revenge” to be KISS’ finest hour. In my opinion, and many, many other’s, Revenge is far superior to the usual go to, when talking about the greatest KISS album, 1976’s Destroyer. Please take into consideration that Revenge is always present in any mention of the five top KISS albums.

    I’m sure you haven’t listened to much post ‘77 KISS, but anyone who follows your advice will miss out on the excellent albums, Creatures of the Night, Lick It Up, and Revenge. Personally, I consider both “Dynasty” and “Unmasked”, to be top-quality pop-rock albums. “Asylum” is one of my favourite KISS albums, and by far one of their heaviest offerings. I also feel that 1989’s “Hot In the Shade” is a strong effort, along with 1997’s “Carnival of Souls”.

    I’m sure like most who share your unenlightened opinions, you either are a person who stopped listening to KISS in 1978, when many others did, or became a fan later, and took the advice of a fellow unenlightened individual, not to give anything post-1978 a fair chance.

    I’m telling you that you really should… Although, with you seemingly closed mind, I’m sure there’s little chance of that happening.

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