Survival Knife [Artist Highlight]

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survival-knife-bandArtist: Survival Knife
Hometown: Olympia, WA.
Artists With Similar Fire: Unwound / Hot Snakes / Drive Like Jehu

If you were a big Unwound fan then Survival Knife is a group you have been waiting for. Survival Knife features Justin Trosper (guitar/vocals) and Brandt Sandeno (guitar) from Unwound, as well as Meg Cunningham (bass/vocals) from Blues Druid and Kris Cunningham (drums) from Western Hymn.

The band is on Sub Pop Records which is a perfect fit and has already shared the stage with the likes of METZ, Bitch Magnet, Kinski, and Hungry Ghost. Survival Knife has a new 7” single, Traces of Me”, for pre-order and we can only hope a full length later this year. You can hear the single below.

Survival Knife
“Traces of Me” b/w “Name That Tune” 7” single
A) “Traces of Me”
B) “Name That Tune”

For more information on Survival Knife visit:

Survival Knife Facebook
Sup Pop Records

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