Guided By Voices releasing Down By The Racetrack EP 1/22/13

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guided-by-voices-racetrack-cover-artAfter three exceptional full-length albums in 2012, Guided By Voices will kick off 2013 with this six song EP titled Down By The Racetrack. The recording has been described as a quick batch of lo-fi weirdness which should remind fans of mid-’90s EPs Get Out Of My Stations or Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer.

Stay tuned for pre-order information from Rockathon Records.

1. It Travels Faster Through Thin Hair
2. Pictures of the Man
3. Amanda Gray
4. Standing in a Puddle of Flesh
5. Copy Zero
6. Down by the Racetrack

• Limited to 1500 7-inches and 2000 CDs
• Released on Guided By Voices Inc.

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